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  1. F

    Furry Needing Friends In The UK!

    Hi, Thought i'd make this post for a friend as he's too shy to do this himself! He's a Husky Furry! Very friendly! Just looking for friends in the UK or around Scotland as he's wanting to go to Scotiacon but has no one to go through :( Plus he has no Furry friends in general but is wanting like...
  2. KD142000

    Any British furs out there?

    So there WAS a thread for UK furs to sound off, but it hasn't been posted in since around May, last year. Here's another one, then, to avoid necro! So, any British furs out there in the forums I haven't yet found? Would be nice to find some more! I personally live in Leeds, England. Which part...
  3. The Jaffa Wolf

    FurMeet Inverness

    Is there one ? , Do You want one ? , Let's make one of there isn't one .