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  1. VladTheLad

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Commissions are *OPEN* [ U$60 - U$ 120 ]

    Hello! I'm Vlad, 3D Artist currently opening 10 Slots for commissions *w* Contact: Twitter | Discord: #VladLad6709 | This post :3 Other Links: FurAffinity Twitter Instagram DeviantArt Art Examples:
  2. VladTheLad

    Sketchbook: VladTheLad 3D Sketchbook >:3

    Hello! A year and a half on FA and I didn't know about this forum o_O. I'll be posting some of my art here, as well as some WIPs, I hope you like it :3 First, here's my last work :D www.furaffinity.net: Much needed quality time! by VladTheLad
  3. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Humanoid bunnies, reptilians, aliens, and more. From fantasy equipped to sci-fi or Wild West. Minis need to be presentable in painted condition for tabletop gaming demos. Budget highly flexible, multiple orders for quick turnaround times with expressive and well designed models. Please leave...
  4. Anthrasmagoria

    (Commission) Selling: Custom totems and fursona totems - from £65

    Hi! I'm currently offering custom totem sculpts in a style like this one, which I make by hand without any kinds of molds. These are approx. 12cm tall. Pictured here is a basic Anubis totem with canopic jar and ankh. I often use mixed media including polymer clay, brass, and glass eyes, among...
  5. Foxex

    Free Art: Looking for references (Female Char. perferred) 3D Sculpts Full Body/Busts

    Hello, guys! I am a 3D character artist and a fellow fur, I do stylized character sculpting and I am wanting to hone down my skills some more. So, it would be awesome for you guys to give me references of your fursonas and characters. usually I just look of Pinterest, but I really want to focus...
  6. Melazzee

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Head Sculpts

    Hi everyone! I am offering slots for 3D head/shoulders Zbrush sculpts of your character. They won't be prepped for 3D printing, but they can be prepped later by someone else (last time I 3D printed my own sculpt, it cost too much when I prepped it myself lol). Anyways, without further ado...
  7. Noberto

    I want new characters for my 3D sculpts

    Hello! I currently have some free time at work, and I enjoy sculpting new stuff while new projects don't show up. As I'm still working to improve my workflow, I wonder if I could find anyone interested in having their characters made in 3D. If you're interested, I can even try to make it 3D...
  8. jazz_fuzz

    First Fursuit Head Build!!

    Hey FA, I'm a vet student who is new to the furry world (although my childhood drawings might suggest otherwise). I have been looking for a fun and challenging project to work during my summer break and I thought I'd craft a fursuit head. I'm going to sell it when it's done if it's good enough...
  9. Hellsingkitten

    $25 OOAK Small Sculptures (Open)

    I'm going to open up 6 slots for $25 custom sculptures. Once these slots are filled, prices will go back to their normal price. ($30-60 value!) Sculptures are %100 clay. These slots include: -any species -any gender -SFW or NSFW -fetish items and small accessories allowed -choice of simplistic...