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  1. ArcannaRyu

    (Commission) Selling: Polymer Clay Custom Sculpture Comissions $40 - $250 : Open

    I'm open for creating custom sculptures of your characters or other subject material out of polymer clay. (A kind of colored plastic clay which can be fired and turned into a permanent sculpture) The pricing will vary based on the size, number, and complexity of the commission around the range...
  2. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Model commissions, starting at $30!

    SPECIAL PROMO: Animal Crossing style models (like the yellow bunny) are $40 total, it includes rigging, texture, and a pose of choice. Let me know in advance if you'd like your character in this style! If you're interested, you can send me a note, contact me via Discord (Yacare#6661), email...
  3. KawaiiPeachcup

    3D Artist Friends!

    Heya, I'm looking for more 3D artist friends that want to chat and share sculpting tips <3 I work in Blender and Zbrush https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kawaiipeachcup/
  4. WolfberryCrafts

    (Commission) Selling: ✨ Custom Figurines and Sculptures ✨ (60$ - 110$+) 5 open slots NSFW/SFW

    Welcome to my theme! I am a sculptor and one of the founders of furry shop WolfberryCrafts. I make figures and sculptures of any furry characters. Payments are accepted through the PayPal payment system and cards All created by hands Website: https://www.wolfberrycrafts.com NSFW ・SFW ・ Furry...
  5. Banjo Saturnus

    Custom Sculpey Giveaway

    Hello friends, As you may or may not know I am a fairly new sculpey creator (that's a statue made of clay). I've recently been creatively drained of ideas for what to make, so I've decided to do a free giveaway. I will create your fursona or character, in anthro or feral form if you win. To...
  6. Bordowa

    YCH SCULPTURES / ART DOLLS / Pet Miniatures / OCs! Reasonable prices

    Hi! I'm a sculptor and create a wide variety of things, from tiny miniatures to realistic art dolls. I "play" with polymer clay for years, more seriously since 2015. I just joined FA in hope of finding some commissioners :3 I'm in urgent need of funds, I need around 300$. We can discuss the...
  7. Taterbunny

    Jewelry, sculptures, and 2D

    My FA for more examples: Click here for my FA Both necklace pendants above are for sale! Both are currently available in my shop, additional photos and details available: Click here for my Etsy Also taking CUSTOM jewelry works! These include necklaces and earring only at this time. Rings...
  8. Steriiyo

    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Hello! I got foam and I'm making the foam base for my fursuit head. I'm having trouble understanding how to do this part: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Here is the link for the tutorial...
  9. Vatinyan

    Your character as a figurine! OOAK

    I have decided to try and start making custom chibi figurines for those interested. This means a sculpt made of super sculpey and hand painted, at a size about 3''. For now the price is around $200, while I see how this all works out :) Here is the detailed information from my commission...
  10. wickedvenom

    Sculpture Commissions Open!

    I am opening up sculptures commissions for April-May completion! =) Sculptures are sculpted with Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt, painted with Vallejo Model Paints, and sealed. As you can see, I work heavily off of provided references, so you can confidently know your sculpture will turn out...