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  1. WolfberryCrafts

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) Furry Figurines by WolfberryCrafts

    Wellcome! I am a sculptor and one of the founders of furry shop WolfberryCrafts. I make figures and sculptures of any furry characters. Payments are accepted through the PayPal payment system and cards All created by hands Website: https://www.wolfberrycrafts.com NSFW ・SFW ・ Furry contact...
  2. ArcannaRyu

    (Commission) Selling: Polymer Clay Custom Sculpture Comissions $40 - $250 : Open

    I'm open for creating custom sculptures of your characters or other subject material out of polymer clay. (A kind of colored plastic clay which can be fired and turned into a permanent sculpture) The pricing will vary based on the size, number, and complexity of the commission around the range...
  3. VladTheLad

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Commissions are *OPEN* [ U$60 - U$ 120 ]

    Hello! I'm Vlad, 3D Artist currently opening 10 Slots for commissions *w* Contact: Twitter | Discord: #VladLad6709 | This post :3 Other Links: FurAffinity Twitter Instagram DeviantArt Art Examples:
  4. WolfberryCrafts

    (Commission) Selling: ✨ Custom Figurines and Sculptures ✨ (60$ - 110$+) 5 open slots NSFW/SFW

    Welcome to my theme! I am a sculptor and one of the founders of furry shop WolfberryCrafts. I make figures and sculptures of any furry characters. Payments are accepted through the PayPal payment system and cards All created by hands Website: https://www.wolfberrycrafts.com NSFW ・SFW ・ Furry...
  5. Dream_Merchant

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Your own 3D Model of your (equine) character in feral form! ($350 USD)

    BASE PRICE: $350 USD plus postage (approx. $40 - will be more if wings are added etc) Model pictured is the model I have in hand, ready to customize for you - if you want to see more angles of the model, see here: https://www.identifyyourbreyer.com/.....ify/latigo.htm Included in base price: -...
  6. SculptingBear

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Figurines! - $50-110+

    Hi there! My name is Bear. I'm a sculptor! I'm currently looking to take a few more commissions. My terms of service, which includes all my contact info: www.tinyurl.com/beartos My Trello/queue: Trello I'm much more active on Twitter as well, same username!
  7. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Fluffy Eastern Dragon ($50 USD OBO)

    A fuzzy eastern dragon. They're blue and bronze, with blue and white nylon cord. He's approximately 23cm long, made of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. Shipping is included in price! Price is not firm! Please contact me with any offers!
  8. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Salmon Bear Bust ($65 OBO)

    Price is not firm! Give me an offer! Shipping included in price! This bear does NOT want to share their fish! He apparently never learned that sharing is caring! It's a good thing he's handsome! He's approximately 8cm tall, made with sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. He's also got...
  9. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Star Wolf Bust ($80 OBO)

    Making a separate post for this guy. Price is NOT firm- contact me with an offer! Shipping is included! AKA "Galaxy Brian" AKA "Star Dreamer" "Let those who sleep continue to dream." I really enjoyed making this one! It's my first time sculpting bone and using a new painting technique, and...
  10. Banjo Saturnus

    Custom Sculpey Giveaway

    Hello friends, As you may or may not know I am a fairly new sculpey creator (that's a statue made of clay). I've recently been creatively drained of ideas for what to make, so I've decided to do a free giveaway. I will create your fursona or character, in anthro or feral form if you win. To...
  11. Orcashia

    videos on YT on how I make my sculptures

    Furry and non-furry videos. Videos of nature and newer videos of how I created my sculptures of non and non-furry creations. I actually joined YT in 2011 and uploaded 7 videos. One was from my best friend about electronics, he is a 'genius' at creating things electronically. The other videos...
  12. C-artsy

    Show me your crafts and sculpture!

    I want to see your artisan crafts! Most of us draw, but I'm sure there are lots of crafters too. Be it crochet, clay, paper art, mixed-media, woodworking, metal/wire, upcycling... even if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, share your crafty side. And ask questions if you're curious about...
  13. ReyH

    I'm lookin to make some custom furry sculpture (commissions)

    I'm lookin to make some custom furry sculpture (commissions) Here is an example of what I am able to do: www.artstation.com: The Last of Us - Joel Sculpture (WIP), Rachel Garcia Avg price would be around $50 - 75 Message me if you are interested
  14. Xris

    Any sculpture making furs out there?

    I'm not sure this is the right area to post this in (im also new to the forums) But i did not see a place to put this. So i apologize. I kind of took a guess. Okay so! I'm looking to get into clay sculpting. Ive been wanting to do it for years. But i just dont have the tome till now. So here...
  15. B

    Poseable Art Doll | "Joseph"

    Looking to sell a OOAK Poseable art doll. He is my first ever anthro doll! -He is about 11 inches tall and is free standing. -He is covered in soft faux fur and has a yarn weft tail. -Has hand-made glass cabochon eyes. -Hand-sewn. -Hand-sculpted head, hands, and feet. NOT resin! Made of strong...
  16. SquishySquahsy

    Silicone Sculptures (NSFW)

    Hi all! I have a few platinum-cured silicone sculptures available for sale with more on the way! Each sculpture is $60 + shipping. I accept payment via Paypal "goods and services" and currently only ship to the 50 US states (sorry international friends!). I offer tracked, 3-day shipping via...
  17. Kebechet

    Magic wands! Featuring your totem/fursona!

    Here's one that I'm currently working on: Prices vary, depending on wood type, size, complexity of the design you want, and if it has additional bits like inlaid gemstones, or antler. If I have a wood in stock, it's generally a bit cheaper. Prices: For wands with simple carvings, like paw...
  18. Krikri

    Sculpture commissions.

    Hello! I do polymer clay sculptures and would like to offer my services. Stuff I do: Cartoon, game and anime characters. Original characters with reference pictures. Developing of a character based on the description costs extra. Pairings and ships - het, slash, femslash. I won’t judge, but...
  19. G

    Original, Plushie/Doll of your fursona?

    So, I've been doing some 3d models lately. They're sturdy, neat looking, and flexible. If I were to compare it to anything, it would be AnyaBoz's "room guardians". However, they're in no way the same idea. I create them with a clay face, and feet of any sort, steel wire for the limbs, aluminum...
  20. Taterbunny

    Jewelry, sculptures, and 2D

    My FA for more examples: Click here for my FA Both necklace pendants above are for sale! Both are currently available in my shop, additional photos and details available: Click here for my Etsy Also taking CUSTOM jewelry works! These include necklaces and earring only at this time. Rings...