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  1. Vatinyan

    Your character as a figurine! OOAK

    Time to bring this up again! I will make custom one-of-a-kind chibi figurines for those interested. This means a sculpt made of super sculpey and hand painted, at a size about 3''. For now the price is around $160, while I see how this all works out :) Here is the detailed information from my...
  2. aachi-chan

    Pinkie Pie and Rowlet Original Figurines for Auction

    Hello all! I recently finished a few one of a kind figurines of Pinkie Pie and Rowlet and I've put them up on ebay! Please go check them out! Their auctions end Wednesday night. www.ebay.com: Pinkie Pie One of a Kind Custom Figurine www.ebay.com: Rowlet One of a Kind Custom Figurine
  3. Coffee Lion

    Any other traditional artists out there?

    A call out to those few traditional artists within this wide sea of digital artists. :'D As much as I love digital artwork, I've always been one for traditional medias. I love the feeling of physical paints and inks. :D Most of the people around me are digital artists. I enjoy discussing and...
  4. Hellsingkitten

    $25 OOAK Small Sculptures (Open)

    I'm going to open up 6 slots for $25 custom sculptures. Once these slots are filled, prices will go back to their normal price. ($30-60 value!) Sculptures are %100 clay. These slots include: -any species -any gender -SFW or NSFW -fetish items and small accessories allowed -choice of simplistic...
  5. TheKanya

    Mini Shiny Eevee Sculpture

    Selling for $20 or OBO Paypal only Will also do mini sculptures like this for $20 of OCs. www.furaffinity.net: Shiny Eevee Sculpture by TheKanya http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19932293/
  6. TheKanya

    $5 Sketches, and More

    Trying to raise $200 So I'll be doing $5 character sketches Ex: www.furaffinity.net: Sophie & Badermon by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: D Character Development by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Couple Sketch 2 by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Rice and Pork by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Corgi...
  7. wickedvenom

    Sculpture Commissions Open!

    I am opening up sculptures commissions for April-May completion! =) Sculptures are sculpted with Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt, painted with Vallejo Model Paints, and sealed. As you can see, I work heavily off of provided references, so you can confidently know your sculpture will turn out...