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search function

  1. D

    Main Site Search indexing improvements

    I feel there should be a way to search tags based on specific time periods kinda like on twitter where you can search for tweets between two exact dates not just certain year gaps and newer so essentially if I wanna look up say Pokémon in the search box . a lot of pictures are lost since the...
  2. S

    Forum searching for 3d content

    3d artwork is a big and essential part of online arts. I can't search for 3d content because its only two characters which does'nt work in the search. 3d is the most popular and simplest term to tag artwork like this. To get by you have to search terms such as sfm, blender, vrchat, model, or...
  3. L

    Main Site Search operations?

    Is there a guide for search operations on the site? So far I know | for OR, ! or - for NOT, but I was wondering if there was a wildcard or stem word option i.e. searching "look*" for "looking", "looked", "looker", etc. It just get real old entering in long OR lists for every variation of a word.
  4. se05239

    Main Site Improving Search Function

    Hello. Been a member of FA for like.. 11 years now (wow) and the search function is still as awful as it was when I joined. My main gripe with it is the limited amount of search results you can find before the search crashes. I think its like 3200 results in total. This causes problem because...
  5. se05239

    Question regarding the search function..

    How come you can only view about 3000 images before the site says "error"? If you do a random search for a word, you can only find the oldest/newest but never the things in the middle. Searching for popular/relevant doesn't really give satisfactory results as they suffer from the same issue of...
  6. Dallas

    Bug/Site Problem: Issue Searching For New Content

    Ever since the database maintenance, when I search for anything and sort it by date there are absolutely no new submissions. I like to see what new cat related things have been posted every now and then so I'll search for cat and sort by date, however the first result was uploaded two days ago...
  7. E

    Suggestions to programmers for reducing system load

    Well anyone can just whine about features not implemented, but there are a few things that I things could be done to generally reduce problems with FA. 1)Voting tags(or just metadata really): Users may or may not add tags which accurately describe their work, they may even omit this step...
  8. Dracowhale

    Search Feature Request: Search Gender and Species Field

    You can use Search to read Titles, Filename and Keywords, but why not the Gender, Species or even the Category? (Ex: @Species Gorilla, @Title Part1, @Gender Group) Would also help if you search for 2 letter words. "Po" from Kung Fu Panda is currently unsearchable because of the limitations, as...