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  1. se05239

    General Tagging Suggestions

    In terms of general search and tagging, FA ain't up there in quality. A lot of art gets lost to the void because the artist don't bother tagging their art pieces and having minimal to none descriptions.. so I just wanted to suggest a pair of things. Tag Suggestion Let users with accounts...
  2. SaintAjax

    Looking for admin feedback on a technical site journal

    Hello, I've been seeing lately where a lot of people have had issues using the search, more so as people start to come back as twitter implodes, so I decided to write a quick how-to on how to use it. But, I wanted to run it by someone who knows how the backend functions are actually designed...
  3. karikage

    Trouble revisiting a TF story.

    Hi all. I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post in. There was a transformation story I read in the past that I would like to revisit, but like the idiot I am I did not fav or bookmark it. I want to find it again and wonder if any of you guys would be able to help me out. I had a...
  4. Plankz

    Lost and Found Artist or Art that you do not remember

    Hi there, do you have an artist with a signature that you can't read or don't remember where and who it's from? Say no more just post an unreadable signature and say who is the original artist and what is there name? Back on topic by the way does anyone know who is the artist of this signature...
  5. galaxyinfinitum

    Face Claim Search and Talk

    Putting this at the top for TLDR purposes: If you are also looking for a faceclaim for one of your characters feel free to post them and maybe we can all help each other! :V I've looked at tons of furry threads and comics looking for some but I can't seem to find any that fit super well so I...
  6. Fabius Cervus

    Main Site Finding your own comments

    Hey there, I was wondering if there is any option to find your own comments on the main page of FurAffinity. I couldn't find it in the settings. I couldn't find a thread to this topic, so sorry if the thread already exists. It'd be cool if you could find all your comments for some submissions...
  7. se05239

    Main Site Improving Search Function

    Hello. Been a member of FA for like.. 11 years now (wow) and the search function is still as awful as it was when I joined. My main gripe with it is the limited amount of search results you can find before the search crashes. I think its like 3200 results in total. This causes problem because...
  8. Snurmit

    Looking for NSFW 1x1 Partners

    Howdy I'm brand spankin' new to the FA Forums but I've been roleplaying on forums for fifteen years. I'm an adult non-binary individual looking for other adults to do some NSFW rp. I advertise myself as semi-lit, guaranteeing a few paragraphs per post. My main kinks are zoophilia, dub-con...
  9. Wolvinof

    Anyone know where to find Kaijima/Toy Dragon In Blue's art now?

    (This is probably the wrong subforum. Oh well, it's still about art.) I've always loved his art, but nowadays I can't find his work directly. I see commisions people get from him, but they never link him, and there's a bunch of his older pictures I liked that I just can't find again. He did have...
  10. F

    3d work not showing in search

    For some reason, when I search for 3d, nothing pops up. How come the search isn't working? I've seen plenty of 3d art on this site so I know that it is there.
  11. MasterDaye

    Searching For Discord Servers

    Hey everyone. Haven't been on this forum for well over two years but recently I've been very active on Discord and I'm curious if there are any FA servers I could get into. c: I'm pretty much looking for very down-to-earth servers, ones that are a bit more mature with people around my age...
  12. R

    Main Site Can’t remember artist’s name

    Hi, so I was browsing the website last night (at 10:30 PM to be exact) and found some art by an artist I’m interested in. It was late at night and I had to go to bed. When I woke up earlier this morning, I saw that he/her deleted the art and I was going to search up the name of the artist but I...
  13. J

    Forum It would be nice to have a way to search through the favorites list

    I can only speak for myself, but I like to use the favorite list feature as a way to save a picture so I can more easily come back to them later, however at this point I have enough that it no longer serves that purpose as well. To negate this I would like it if there was a way to sort pictures...
  14. T

    Main Site Universal Blacklist?

    When I'm browsing, I often have to type the same things, @keyword and the !(bad stuff). Could there be a 'universal blacklist' on your Preferences that, once you enter in these 'blacklisted' tags, automatically removes them from your search results?
  15. Y

    Looking for Fursystem’s old horse bed tf video

    Hi guys Another search. This time for Fursystems old horse Tf in bed video from several years ago. The channel and 99% of other videos are still up and I presume this one was taken down to due new YouTube rules and regs. Appealing to see if anyone saved the video or would happen to know if a...
  16. M

    Optional Filter?

    Edit 1: Misspelling Hi, I am user M7Fire from Furaffinity.net and I was inquiring about gaining other site users perspective on why an optional is or is not a good idea for the website? Here is my thoughts on the matter and remember this is only my opinion, not what the overall audience...
  17. Ciderfine

    FA's search function is broken

    Exactly what the title says. The main issue is that artists have stopped tagging and we have a huge flood of artists wrongly tagging their submissions in every way as well as the alien search function that keeps using such strange terms (ways) to help someone find something. I've had...
  18. B

    Is there a way to save catagory based browse results?

    I have noticed with FurAffinity that it can be really difficult to find stuff that exists far back in the queue if you don't know what the associated tags are for a posting or the artist who made it. Frequently art galleys I'll browse certain categories from front to back to see if there's any...
  19. quoting_mungo

    Search Feature/Filter Suggestions

    Thread for suggestions for modifying the behavior/features of FA's search. If someone suggests something that's already implemented, and you know how to do it, feel free to tell them, but please be pleasant about it. :) My suggestions are below; feel free to add any other suggestions you may...
  20. Ciderfine

    Search engine issues?

    Is anyone having issues trying to find certain things using the sites search engine feature? I search for something using the term "gay" and get a lot of adult M/F stuff oddly enough. I search for animation and I get things that arent even animated showing up as search results. I think the...