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  1. Offline_user

    Enhanced search functionality

    Currently on FA, Search doesn't have options or check for things listed under "Submission Information" (ie the stuff from Browse: Category, Species, Gender, or Type [well, it does have a simplified version of this] ) I suggest adding these (at the very least, Species and Gender) to what search...
  2. D

    Submission Problem: Filter out another's submissions.

    I am a bit unsure how the search engine functions on this site and if it possible to do this. But is there some way to filter out another FA users images from the search results?
  3. StrayerFox

    Why "Multiple characters" instead of "Multiple genders"?

    Why is the selection in the gender category called "Multiple characters" and not "Multiple genders" or "Different genders"? Since the category is called "Gender:" shouldn't it refer especially to that? At the moment it is referring to the amount of characters, not to the genders depicted in a...
  4. E

    Suggestions to programmers for reducing system load

    Well anyone can just whine about features not implemented, but there are a few things that I things could be done to generally reduce problems with FA. 1)Voting tags(or just metadata really): Users may or may not add tags which accurately describe their work, they may even omit this step...