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  1. Dezarian

    Looking for a JJBA icon.

    It's a birthday present to myself.. I'm willing to spend $25-40 on this piece.. It will be of Diavolo Una from Part 5 and you may contact me on FA ( Strudelbutt.) for more info. This is a humanoid commission.
  2. S

    Searching For Small Doodle Comic

    Hi! I'm really new to this place, so I'm not completely sure I'm asking this in the right section. But I'm searching for a comic that I'm 92% sure was posted on Furaffinity at some point. (I guess technically it could be gone now....) I'll try to describe it as much as I can, and hopefully...
  3. Hikarty

    Searching for inspiring music!

    Heyo, I am currently trying to work on some homework and music really inspires me so I was wondering if you could help me here by suggesting :0! I'd love to know a music artist or two that you really like or inspires you and if possible I'd love to discover some songs with these themes! since...
  4. skeletonizedskull

    looking to do a fantasy, Slice-Of-Life, or Action RP of sort

    I'm looking for someone who likes to do action RPs, fantasy related, or just some nice slice-of-life RPs [which can also be ridiculous or over-the-top; story and characters are also a priority to me, 'cause crafting a neat story is a good time. I'm on Discord, so if you find the thing below...
  5. Nahawk

    Hiring: LF Fullbody/Halfbody, max. 40$ Budget (SFW but!)

    Hello. I am looking for a piece of one of my characters, either feline or lagomorph, depending what the artist prefers drawing. Specifically, I want him/her drawn in a cellar, chained and all. Not sure if it counts as bondage or not, I want nothing nsfw. Examples of that kind would be...
  6. Miss_Nova

    NSFW - Searching 1x1 rp partner(s)!

    I'm open to anything, so hit me up ~ I don't bite...hard I can do almost anything, I'm not picky expect I don't like to be dom so if there's somenone who wants that role ~
  7. Lenzo

    Searching for a roommate during Flüüfff

    hey everyone So I'm searching for a Fluufff roommate and maybe a good friend before/after it. I live in Belgium (Oost-Vlaanderen), just in case you want to know. I'm still new to furry conventions and other things and I don't want to go alone just to come back early. Its my first convention, so...
  8. M

    SFM Valka Model

    I wish everyone a good day ! I am searching for an Valka (Httyd) Model could some one help me ? Sfmlab and Steamworkshop sadly had nothing.
  9. MasterInkBlaster

    Looking For a Writer!

    Yep! You've read that right! I'm looking for a writer to commission in the hopes of getting some new (preferably) NSFW stories! Over the past year or so, with my previous writing partner retiring, it's been harder and harder to find a new writing partner who I can depend on. Hence this...I guess...
  10. Y

    Looking for ‘Life as a Pet’ by Temple of Hephaestus

    Hi everyone I am looking for any text or links to Life as a Pet by the now defunct account of Temple of Hephaestus. It is 3 of 3 of the series and the other ones were archived by unfortunately not this one. A summery of the story by anyone who also remembers the story would also be good as...
  11. A

    Teach Me Your Furry Ways

    I am unfortunately standing alone in a metaphorical field without much understanding of my surroundings. I have appreciated furry art for years now, but I have only known a very small handful of furries throughout my life. Perhaps we can get a private discussion going or whatever so I can maybe...
  12. K

    Looking to catch up at Midwest furfest

    I'm going for a shot in the dark here with this, but I'm trying to reconnect with 2 girls from last year who threw an amazing after con party. I don't remember their names and i had to create a new facebook account and haven't been able to find them again. I'm hopeing that they're coming...
  13. C

    looking for...

    hi im looking for a female wolf dragon hybrid or a wolf who would want to become a dragon hybrid for a story i am typing out
  14. AcidWolf22

    Looking for someone to do a SFW RP with

    Hi. I'm looking for someone to RP with. I don't care about what it's about, as long as its SFW.
  15. Prostapheresys

    Does anyone still have the story for this comic?

    Hi everyone! Looking back to this nice NSFW comic by Endium ( www.furaffinity.net: Aran's Ant Adventure - Page 1 by Endium ) I found out that the commissioner has long ago removed all of his content from FA and now the only thing that remain are the comic pages on Endium's gallery without the...
  16. D

    Searching For NSFW/Suggestive Commissions

    Hey does anybody on here do humanoid and anthro nsfw/suggestive commissions? Nothing too terribly expensive, please, as I no longer have a fixed income. It would involve these characters (not together!!!!) fav.me: I Have A Pistol Party And I Kill Them All -- Ref Linden fav.me: #2 - Copper Gear...
  17. C

    Searching For a Specific Artist

    Hi! I'm so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section; I'm completely new here. Anyways, I'm trying to look for this artist I saw a while ago, but now I can't find him anywhere! He has an OC that's a female goat, pretty punk rock looking, I THINK she has a mohawk and some piercings...
  18. Wolfaye

    Looking for a commission

    DISCLAIMER: Was unsure whether I posted this in the right place, If not can a moderator move it? thanks! :3 I wanted to post this little advertisement, Since I am seeking someone to create a couple of artwork pieces for me. I would prefer not to go into mass detail here as It's precise and I...
  19. D

    Submission Problem: Filter out another's submissions.

    I am a bit unsure how the search engine functions on this site and if it possible to do this. But is there some way to filter out another FA users images from the search results?