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secret santa

  1. Battle Foxxo

    Art Trade: Secret Santa but Art Trade!

    First off, I hope this is allowed in this channel. If not, I'll move posts ASAP Second, hello everyone! I am hosting a Secret Santa Art Trade! Basically, everyone is given a random persons character to draw, and everyone of those people will have their character given to someone random to be...
  2. TheCoyoteQueen

    Secret Santa- Art Exchange? Any Going On?

    Is there anything like that going on anthro/furry or feral art? I really wanted to enter one this year since its been since 2009 since I participated in a Secret Santa on DA. Any links would be wonderful. I am probably too late anyway. Or is there an event similar but I only give art instead...
  3. Asher Grey

    Open Secret Santa Event!

    Hey, my art server is doing a simple secret santa art trade! You get someone's sona, someone else gets yours, everyone gets a drawing! Just thought I'd extend the invitation to folks on here, you can join at Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Closes Dec 3rd