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seeking art from an artist

  1. phantomboo

    Request: Please Draw My Pretty Bug Boy (pleading face)

    That's his reference sheet; if you need ideas, like outfits or something, let me know. I appreciate any & all art. He has top surgery scars, which is what you can see below his pecs. He has a beauty mark on the side of his face, which is what that little spot is. He has a tongue & navel...
  2. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to make a new image mostly resembling CGI (Fetish Related)

    Hello. I am looking for someone who would be able to create an image, relating to weight gain, that resembles CGI. Not so much the head of the one in the image, but rather the body, or more so the fat that would look like CGI. Particularly with taking the character below, shown in live-action...
  3. Dark Shadoan

    Hiring: Seeking Artist for a Charr Commission! (Closed)

    I am seeking an artist whom can work with artistic freedoms as well as create imagery for a Charr; desiring something more along the lines of an action-oriented picture. Must be able to make constant changes depending on how the image turns out without complaint or fee increase (no I'm not...
  4. Rift Quest

    Seeking artist for NSFW commissions (closed)

    Hello everyone. Im new to furaffinity, mostly over at Deviantart where i am already buying a nsfw fantasy comic with some furries in it. However i thought that i would also move my comic over to Furaffinity and buy some commissions from artists who are more focused on furries than people over...
  5. animaster888

    seeking comic artist-paying 10$ per page

    the style can be either anime or generator rex. you will receive 10$ per inked and colored page. payment is every month on the 25th. deadline for applications is December 25th. please message me on this forum with both art and comic examples and ill pm you. please try to familiarize/be...
  6. XionMonro

    (Nsfw) Want to design or adopt an anthro mare

    Looking to either design or adopt an anthro mare, I am a skilled digital artist but not good at designing characters for my self. I'd love her to have certain features such as hooves for feet, and fetlocks, equine styled female parts, glasses, and smaller breasts. She's kind of nerdy, about...
  7. NovaSwiftBrony

    In search of free nsfw art request.

    Yeah yeah I know this may seem a bit extreme or ridiculous and may just be ignored, but hey. I am just going to throw this out there and maybe it can happen. I am looking for something, anything really of my blue red panda named Sallie(still thinking of a name) Only thing I got is a picture from...
  8. K

    Seeking art from an artist

    So as the title says there is an artist i used to really like but for whatever reason i never saved any of the art and now i cant find most the artists works online. Here's a sample of the art: I checked the artist name but the one currently going by the name is a living machine artist.