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seeking rp

  1. CopperxCalico

    Looking for someone to RP kink stuff with ~

    Ive wanted to RP a bit as my girl Yoomei (www.furaffinity.net: Ref : Yoomei by CopperxCalico) for a little bit now but I've lacked any possible RP partners for it so I guess I’ll ask here!! She’s my gal who’s willing to be stuffed, fattened, and inflated to whatever your character’s hearts...
  2. roseysheep

    Looking for short/long term RP [SFW/NSFW]

    Hiya! I’m new to the furry scene and figured what better way to meet new people than some RPs? I’m looking for a few sentences to a few paragraphs (I like to play it by ear and sometimes replies vary) and don’t particularly enjoy first person, but I don’t mind it from time to time. All I ask is...
  3. C

    You find a Roman "superhero" doggo. RP [Wonder woman inspired] (details in post)

    so i watched wonderwoman a few months ago and thinking back on it, having a premise along the same lines would be a fun rp to play out. thats just the framework of the idea, we'll have to fill in some more blanks before starting. im pretty open minded about what we want to include, like the...
  4. Justin93Daniels

    Any open story-based RP Channels going on? Preferrably ones that DO allow humans among the furries?

    Kinda-sorta new here. Haven't done any Forum RP, aside from an app-type post in another forum, but in it, someone started an RP thing, and another person interacted with 'em, followed by other people joining in, writing their own story-type things that eventually connected them into a single...
  5. SharkLordSatan

    howdy (looking for rp)

    (edited to make it more clear and understandable) Howdy!! My name's Paige. I absolutely love Halo, so I figured I would post here to ask if anyone would be interested in doing a Halo-themed RP. Note that I generally RP as Master Chief, simply out of self preference. I have an F-List, which I...