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selling commission

  1. ColdSoul

    50% off Digital, Ink, Sketches and Pen illustrations

    COMMISSION GUIDE NOW 50% OFF ALL COMMISSIONS! (so that's 50% off the prices you see above) Hello! So, for now, all commissions are half price to help with the cost. Their in no slot limit for now but it is a first come first serve basis. This guide shows my main commission categories but...
  2. Bigbrownorc

    Bigbrownorc commission OPENED!

    Hey ya'll! As of now i've opened shop and start doing actual paid commissions. My prices are down below aswell as a link to my art gallery. For open slots you can see the link. Enjoy! Payment only via PAYPAL or directly to bank account. I'm offering: HEADSHOTS Rules: None Prices: -...
  3. Krikri

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    Greetings! I'd like to offer my art services for all those who enjoy some good art both of the safe and risque nature. Full TOS Contacts: Userpage of likri -- Fur Affinity [dot] net http://forums.furaffinity.net/conversations/add?to=Krikri And some more images to showcase.
  4. M

    3 Commission Slots open! (busts, half/full body, humans, anthros, styllised quads)

    Prices are in GBP, can post in dollars instead if that's against the rules! Bust: Lines - £5 Flat Colour - £7 Shading - £9 Half body: Sketch - £5 Lines - £7 Flat colour - £10 Shading - £12 Full body: Sketch - £8 Lines - £10 Fully coloured - £14 Shading - £16 Extras: Background - £2-£5...
  5. OakenheelTheWolf


    Hello, i am trying to make some money, and I would love to have someone buy art from me! They are low priced, and (nice?) Quality. I am selling headshots for $5 i can do waist up (ref or reg) for $10 (any sfw pose and clothes) I can also do fullbody for $15 (any sfw pose and clothes, feral or...
  6. Stormwhiskers

    Digital commissions from $5

    All Prices in USD through Paypal You can find my TOS here: Commission Info for StormWhiskers -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You can contact me though my furaffinity deviantart or telegram Black and White Bust - $5 Extra characters +$3 each Full body -$10 Extra character +$5 each Coloured...
  7. amarula

    Quality art for cheap! (image heavy)

    Hello! I'm looking to take commissions for USD, and my pricing I hope is very affordable! This is going to be a simple thread, I've just joined and aren't too sure on the works. Here is my DA for contacting me and more/other examples: CourtneyNM on DeviantArt Examples: Lined and shaded...
  8. Mataki

    Mat's commissions

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to commission me. I mostly draw canines but I also can draw reptiles. Feral/sfw/nsfw ! Prices can be found here: http://karomataki.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-info-OPEN-627052656 I hope someone will be interested haha. Have a nice day!
  9. Jeda

    Need Help Pricing!

    I'm not sure how much my art is worth, i mean i tried to wing it but not many people have bought. And i know this may not be the reason people buy, but i wanted to at least price them right! XD my art: Userpage of scenekiddogood921 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  10. Tomotime

    Commission Time

    Hi All! This is my first post here so let me know if anything is out of line I'd like to begin with saying that I am not an experienced seller but I am aiming to build a fan base and please the individual costumers. I have a commission sheet vvv I really excel in small nosed furry , but...