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selling commissions

  1. beachfuzz

    (Commission) Selling: PRIDE MONTH DISCOUNT! Many commission slots open!

    Hey friends! I am opening up a bunch of commission slots for the summer! I have a wide range of types available, starting at as cheap as $10 USD! Please check me out! From now until the end of June, I am offering $10 pride themed icons, and 15% off all other pride themed commissions! Happy...
  2. TheSushiOwl

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions to Pay Medical Bills ($10-$30)

    Hello, I'll try to keep this simplistic. I need to raise $828 to pay a medical bill from December, and I'm hoping commissions can help me do that. I draw pretty quickly, so hopefully I can raise enough even with my humble prices. I draw traditional art with alcohol marker or colored pencil. If...
  3. TBWT-

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) COMMS OPEN!~ BOTH SFW/NSFW

    HEYO! I'm new here and barley starting off so I decided to open up my commissions!~ Lowest price starting at $25 -ok with both NSFW/SFW - Any speices is ok -any gender is ok -any fetish (price may vary) DMS ARE OPEN IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!~ ONLY 5 SLOTS AVAILABLE!!!
  4. 2DFIEND

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Limited-time discounted commissions (15% off everything)!

    hiya! my name is celine, and i'm currently having 15% off all things on my commission website :o my prices currently start from $8.5! get it now before prices increase!! ;) i can draw: animals/ferals, anthros/furries, pokemon, fanart, humanoids, monsters, closed species, mythical creatures...
  5. M

    (Commission) Selling: Miss Curly Head Commissions (NSFW)

    HI! I am open for commissions in my style for: bust up 35$ half body 55$ Full body 75$ per character additional charges for background
  6. drudu

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open ( from 5€ to 80€ ) - info below

    Hey! I'm looking for commissions to help me save some money for my top surgery. This situation is getting really bad on my mental/physical health and I want to try to get it by next year... So if you want to help me and at the same time get a nice drawing here's my info: More examples...
  7. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: {$35-$150} High quality custom refs&illustrations! Pet portraits&other work available

    Hello! I'm still open for commissions of almost any kind! NSFW & SFW available. NSFW ref sheet commissions come with a free SFW edit for your sharing comfort :) I'll be posting the SFW edits of my refs here, NSFW will be available upon request over DM. TERMS OF SERVICE LISTED AT BOTTOM OF POST...
  8. Cypher333

    (Commission) Selling: Art and/or Animation Commissions Open $15-$80!

    I draw, color, and animate! Commissions are open, drop by my FurAffinity page and leave me a note to claim. Read my TOS below first before noting me about claiming a commission. Payment ============ -Payment by PayPal only. -Include your PayPal email address in your note when asking for a...
  9. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    commissions are open

    Hello all, need some art work done, I can do it,I am a traditional artist and will take on pretty well any project you have in mind,whether it be fan art, fursona,character designs ,gifts or whatever just give me a description of what you want and let me do the rest my prices $5 sketch/line...
  10. taiganiwa

    Open commissions n.n

    Hello everyone, I am offering commissions, if you are interested you can contact me n.n !!!! I can only accept payments through paypal u.u , sorry for the inconvenience. In this link you can see more of my work n.n Userpage of taiganiwa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. Schoky

    Cheap commissions OPEN Slots (3/3)

    Hello Guys . First of all if you don't mind you can read my T.O.S here: schoky91.deviantart.com: My T.O.S ( member's in D.A if you prefere i got the same info here with points :) schoky91.deviantart.com: URGENT COMMISSIONS OPEN (3/3 SLOTS) (I accept the payment in € aswell <3 ) I CAN DO MOST...
  12. M

    3 Commission Slots open! (busts, half/full body, humans, anthros, styllised quads)

    Prices are in GBP, can post in dollars instead if that's against the rules! Bust: Lines - £5 Flat Colour - £7 Shading - £9 Half body: Sketch - £5 Lines - £7 Flat colour - £10 Shading - £12 Full body: Sketch - £8 Lines - £10 Fully coloured - £14 Shading - £16 Extras: Background - £2-£5...
  13. OakenheelTheWolf


    Hello, i am trying to make some money, and I would love to have someone buy art from me! They are low priced, and (nice?) Quality. I am selling headshots for $5 i can do waist up (ref or reg) for $10 (any sfw pose and clothes) I can also do fullbody for $15 (any sfw pose and clothes, feral or...
  14. Stormwhiskers

    Digital Commissions ($5-$50)

    New and updated commission store! General Info * Payment through Paypal in USD *SFW * I will draw human/anthro/feral/taur *I will draw fanart * All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions *I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively...