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  1. Krikri

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    Greetings! I'd like to offer my art servives for all those who enjoy some good art both of the safe and risque nature. Full TOS Contacts: Userpage of likri -- Fur Affinity [dot] net http://forums.furaffinity.net/conversations/add?to=Krikri And some more images to showcase.
  2. Journeyful

    [Open] Commissions starting at 40$ !

    Hey everyone, I'm opening up my commissions for the summer! Commission info: Commission Info for Journeyful -- Fur Affinity [dot] net View My Gallery: Artwork Gallery for Journeyful -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Sample images:
  3. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    open for business

    as the title says i am ready for some work, all art pieces done by me start at $5 and go up from there depending on how big or elaborate you want, whatever kind of picture you want I can do it,fursona pic, sketch, ,fan art and so on just message me and ask . I do accept pay pal ,the easiest...
  4. Jawz

    Open For Commissions ($5-$25+)

    Please see my FA for more details! Userpage of jawzdawg -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Commission Info can be found on my Tumblr!
  5. M

    3 Commission Slots open! (busts, half/full body, humans, anthros, styllised quads)

    Prices are in GBP, can post in dollars instead if that's against the rules! Bust: Lines - £5 Flat Colour - £7 Shading - £9 Half body: Sketch - £5 Lines - £7 Flat colour - £10 Shading - £12 Full body: Sketch - £8 Lines - £10 Fully coloured - £14 Shading - £16 Extras: Background - £2-£5...
  6. MintBeary

    Mint’s $10 - $25 Quick Chibis [OPEN]

    Hello! If you’re interested in a commission, please PM me or note me on FA [also MintBeary]. I retain the right to turn down any commissions I don't wish to take. I can generally get these done same-day, or within ~24 hours-ish. If there’s a demand for it, I can also do regular proportion...
  7. monsterlordgarou

    Rock Candycorn Adopt Auction! 7$!

    you can modify if however you wish once it's yours, just please credit the original design to me! ✨Starting Bid: 7$ ✨Min. Increase: 1$ ✨Auto Buy: 50$ Paypal only please! ends on 06/27 bid here: www.furaffinity.net: Rock Candycorn Adopt Auction by monsterlordgarou www.furaffinity.net: Rock...
  8. theodrekr

    YCH and Adoptables: $35+ NSFW

    NSFW YCH male top for equine bottom: Full shade $65 ea www.furaffinity.net: YCH: Riders Up by theodrekr Adoptables NSFW: $35-$50 [discounts on multiple] NSFW www.furaffinity.net: Sea and Air Themed Adoptables by theodrekr NSFW www.furaffinity.net: Big Black Bear Adoptable by theodrekr...
  9. Alkraas

    SFW Feral/Anthro (partial) Commissions

    Hello there. My name is Alkraas and I would like to raise some money for my drivers license. In return, I will offer artworks. ----- Terms Of Service | To Do List | Fur Affinity ----- What I'll draw: Anthros (Busts only), ferals, animals, dragons, fan art (MLP, Pokemon etc.), gore. What I...
  10. monochromatic-dragon

    Traditional and Digital art - Paintings, Sketches, Badges, and More!

    Hello! I am offering my services as an artist for all subject matters. Some of the things that I can do are Anthro art SFW & NSFW Animal art Human art/portraits Pet portraits Character Designs Convention Badges Simple sketches and illustrations Full-size paintings including custom sizes...
  11. theodrekr

    Adoptable Appy Unicorn Stallion High Detail NSFW $35

    NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable Appy Unicorn Stallion by theodrekr Appy Unicorn stallion, changes permitted! He will be streamed as he is created from his sketch stage on.
  12. minzer

    looking for some furries to draw!

    hey! my old commission thread is almost a year old! so i decided to make a new one - since my art has been improved since then too :'3 i got a lot of time and would be happy to earn some little money for drawing your awesome furry characters! i can draw any body type, any gender, any species -...
  13. Mnyama

    Commissions Open! Check it out!

    I'm opening commissions. Prices and information is listed here: Commission Info for Mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And examples are on my page as well. I'm willing to draw literally anything, so don't worry about that part. If you want any details or extra info, feel free to message me and...
  14. M

    Commissions Opened And Reduced Prices! Only For Limited Time!

    I am currently open for Celshaded Icons, Quick Character Sketches, Monochrome Sketches, Celshaded Characters, Softshaded Characters, Reference Sheets, and Comic Pages! There is also some Discounts/Offers in effect for Monochrome Sketches, Softshaded Characters, Reference Sheets, and Comic...
  15. KynRen

    Anthro halfbody Digital Commissions (OPEN)

    Selling anthro commissions like this kynren.deviantart.com: *Barks* kynren.deviantart.com: Commission -any species -any gender -SFW -20$ for piece with one chara -10$+ for any additional chara -5$+ for a familiar -PM me if interested
  16. GesuGesu

    Open Commissions ($10-60+)

    I do mainly humans but I can also do furries. Please email me at kimoicchi@gmail.com if interested! Nearly all my work will be full colour, or at least, lineart. I do not sell sketchwork. Main info page: kimoicchi.wixsite.com: kimoicchi Within my skill level: - Humans - Anthros - NSFW (please...
  17. theodrekr

    NSFW adoptables and YCH, and custom work from $15

    NSFW adoptable Falabella mare $35: www.furaffinity.net: falabella mare adoptable by theodrekr Reduced price- Adoptable Zonkey NSFW$50: www.furaffinity.net: Spotted Zonkey Adoptable by theodrekr NSFW YCH group in water, all slots are included for the price of $90, full shade...
  18. KittenCozy

    Feral Sketches

    Hello! My commissions are officially open. Paypal and USD only. You can find more details at my FA profile. You can contact me here in the forums via note or at my work email at: kitten.cozy@gmail.com ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ This first post may change according to updates in my commission...
  19. TayMalerei

    Laminated Copic Headshot Badges $25

    LAMINATING AND SHIPPING INCLUDED!! (US Only) These will be shipped in a cardboard mailer with standard shipping. I will do any species, any gender. Progress pics will be sent as requested. Changes and adjustments can be made. BADGE DIMENSIONS: 3"x5" Larger badges can be negotiated If you...
  20. southjaw

    Quality Digital Commissions! (Humans, ferals, furs)

    Southrobin's Commissions! (currently full but you can ask if you're willing to wait!) Full info / More samples Contact me on my FA or my deviantart for faster replies! Bumps appreciated, thanks for looking!