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  1. Krikri

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 2 separate Christmas YCH (female) - SB $30

    Hello! In time for holidays, fresh YCH come your way! Bidding link: Present for You - YCH.Commishes Sb: $30 Min bid: $5 Ab: $170 Bids over $100 get a full rendered background. +$20 for an extra nude version after final bid. * PAYPAL only * Bids and payment in $USD * Payment within 24hrs. *...
  2. masat

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$30 commissions open!

    Hey Guys! I'm open for commissions! You can contact me here, on my twitter @masatillust or on my instagram @masatgt I can also do: -logos -icons -reference sheets -weapons -Pin ups IG: J. E. Rodriguez (Masat) (@masatgt) • See Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Masat ||COMISSIONS ARE...
  3. Stacy Fabre

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Conceptual/ Commission Based Art (Starting at $50 - $200)

    Greetings! I'm new around these parts and am a scalie myself. I thought I'd offer my services to folx out there who want fursonas/ conceptual work with background/ dynamic poses/ stylized backgrounds etc. I'm a pretty versatile artist and here's a sample piece I whipped up in about 5 hours...
  4. Dara999

    Anything you want, I'll write!

    Title is more or less anyway. There's only a few select things I refuse to write but that's in my terms and conditions. I've been a writer for a number of years now and am looking to support myself through college. I'm passionate and studied advanced English classes in high school; now I'm...
  5. A

    (Commission) Selling: New to the scene, looking to build a portfolio! ($20-100)

    As the title says, I am trying to break into the furry art scene. This means that regarding this type of material, I do not have a portfolio. Therefore, I am willing to work cheap in exchange for art I can use to show others. I am comfortable with any kind of material. I would be happy to...
  6. Lunaudacity

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [$15 - $35] Selling Characters (Feral, Anthro, Dragon)

    Life has gotten a bit busy for me lately and so I unfortunately have to sell my remaining characters to afford rent this month :( characters listed below Boris [Feral] $15 USD - Boris on Toyhouse Passage the Pollen Dragon [Feral Dragon] 45$ obo - Passage on Toyhouse Vapor [Anthro] 45$ obo -...
  7. KD142000

    (Commission) Selling: US State Map Shop ($5 to $20)

    Hey, all! If you've seen my work mapping out one place from each of the US states, you'll know I've made some great progress so far! That's why I'm offering up the chance for you guys to buy them. Prices start as low as $5 and go up to $20 max (extras are not included in that price range, but...
  8. Kaho

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling all of my Fursonas ($5-$200)

    Hello all. This has to be one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but unfortunately I’m afraid to announce that I will be leaving the furry community. There are a lot of things going on in my life and I’ve just been completely neglecting something I’ve put so much time and money into...
  9. Beaknose

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Inks Commissions (30-50+ USD) CLOSED

    Hello! I've sold a few times on here before and I decided to try again after staying away for a bit. I tend to work with digital ink, specifically in Clip Studio Paint. My style tends to be reminiscent of old comic from what I've told, or has a gritty, grungy feel. I utilize paypal invoices for...
  10. Gallows

    Sale £10 for b&w or colored traditional drawings!

    For a traditional drawing of your furry with your requested traits and looks you can can have it now for only 10£ (furry colored/white background) If you want the copy of the original drawing (A4 paper) with additional shipping fee (£4) you can have it in your hands as well. Fast - will take...
  11. Tekashi96


    Hello , I’m an artist who’s talents are being wasted at his day job and would love love LOVE to draw your fursona (or whatever the fuck you want I don’t care it can be anything literally) I’ve never drawn anything furry but attached is my style and an example of the quality of my work...
  12. sanyougym

    (Commission) Selling: sanyougym's commissions! $10-50+

    Hello! My commissions are open. There are currently unlimited slots! I have more examples in my fa gallery(only furry art), as well as on twitter and deviantart! Terms of Service Feel free to inquire about products not listed on the sheet! Custom designs, pixel art, etc. You can find designs...
  13. CatSprinkles

    (Commission) Selling: ❤︎ Cat's art shop❤︎ [$5-$60] [Busts, sketches, fullbodies, animation, refs and more]

    Cat's Art Shop Sketches ❤︎ Busts ❤︎ Fullbodies ❤︎ Refs ❤︎ Animation ❤︎ Comics Hey there- welcome to my art shop! I'm selling loads of different types of commissions since I need to save up a bunch of money. Examples below!! ❤︎
  14. xchiseax

    (Commission) Selling: stream commissions available ($25-70)

    Going to be doing a stream later today around 2pm PST if anyone is interested in grabbing a commission. I also take out of stream commissions ( 24 hour and regular ) Stream: www.picarto.tv/chisea Prices start at $25 for sketch and icons. $35 for colored sketch Any rating Examples and more...
  15. waifupanda

    Commission (Selling): $25 USD - $75 USD commissions open!

    I'm open for commissions ^w^! I'm trying to reach the goal of $80 by the end of the day! If you're interested please comment below with your character ref or feel free to pm me! I design characters and draw them as well uwu! waifupanda.weebly.com: Prices here are a full sheet of my prices as...
  16. fairyfern

    (Commission) Selling: Cute Chibi commissions $10+!!

    custom design examples: (these gals are up for sale for $30 each because i love them both im sorrrryyy T__T) custom designs are $20 each if interested pls message me here or on furaffinity @fairyfern :3
  17. Samantha Rose

    (Commission) Selling: Open Coms 10$-40$

    Heyyyoo Been a long time but I'm back to take coms~ 30$ for a full body full scene piece 25$ for a half body piece Headshots are 10$ Refs are 40$ for as big as you want If interested just pm me I do also do NSFW pieces as well~ You can message me here or email itstotssammii@gmail.com Heres my...
  18. Bluebijou

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Model Commissions - $200+ - 5 slots Opens

    Hello! I'm opening commissions for the first time ever! 5 Slots open for now, so first come first serve. I'm offering 3D models, flat shaded. Both NSFW and SFW fine. Price starts at $200 and up more for advanced models or designs. Feel free to contact me if you're interested! Short Animations...
  19. P

    Wolf Picture Selling for $5

    Hello, I want to sell this picture of a wolf in a suit for $5.
  20. KynRen

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheets! (20€/1)

    Hi there! With loads of time I need to fill up with something, I thought I'd open up these commissions again^^ So! I do: -Feral/Anthro -Sfw -All creatures (but I'll need reference pictures or descriptions) I don't do -nsfw stuff Prices: -basic RS - 20€ Contains: front and back view of the...