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  1. wolvykasu

    I have a question about selling

    So, I really need to clean my folders since I have a lot of caracters that I don't draw neither rp with them (or even like them like before) so I started to sell them. Before somebody ask me this : «Do you have proofs that this is yours» ... how do I prove this ?! OAO I do a screen of my pile...
  2. Stormwhiskers

    Commissions Open! (SFW/NSFW)

    I will draw: Furries, anthros, humans, animals, gore, backgrounds, dragons, birds, SFW, NSFW, different ages, different body types. different fetishes (honestly, if you're unsure just ask - I'll most likely say yes) I won't draw: Extreme hyper (chubby/fat is fine), scat, farts, feral NSFW...
  3. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Now selling writing commissions

    I've now begun selling writing commissions. As of this post, I'll only do a max of three at a time for now (when one is completed, I'll open up the slot again). I may increase the number of slots as I grow more in skills and confidence. Anyway, here's the thing. (And these guidelines can be...
  4. theodrekr

    Rush Sale-Your comission done fast [ $15-$75]

    Rush sale-Your custom work done asap Prices per Character and Times to complete: Full Shade $55/2 days + background $20/1 day Single Layer $40/1 day Flat Color $20/1 day Line Art: $15/1 day Comment or note to claim Paypal Only. Must pay immediately and work will begin immediately Up to 2...
  5. Vin4ART

    LIMITED HOLIDAY OFFER! (20%-40% off)

    This remarkable sale is still going on and will do so up until December 31, 2017 (11:59 EST).
  6. wolvykasu

    How much for this caracter? (with art)

    I'm not sure if I can ask this here, but since I completely revamping my caracter, I'm selling is older design that come with more art. www.furaffinity.net: Amaura caracter for sale - (With art) by wolvykasu So I'm not sure for the pricing, is there anyone that could give me an idea ? For the...
  7. Vin4ART


    This season is about giving and discounts and what way to do just that by saving money and giving me money to draw for you or your loved ones? From now until December 31, 2017 (11:59pm EST) my standard pin-ups are 20% off, 40% off on reference sheets, and anything else I offer is FREE. Just...
  8. S

    commissions open!

    sketches are 10 lineart is 15 lineart with color is 20 background+5-10 examples:
  9. Chesukii

    Commissions open! (NSFW welcome!)

    I'm opening my commissions! Please see my price list below for more info. I'm happy to work with you on every step of the commission and provide updates- I'm also happy to do NSFW, gore etc.! (If you're not sure about what subject matter i'll draw, just send me a message and i'll get back to...
  10. murkrowe

    commissions open!

    okay so ive adjusted my prices and now everything is right, okay, cool here we go! examples of my art: THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: SEXUAL NSFW (gore is fine) FETISHES NUDITY TRANSPHOBIA/HOMOPHOBIA/SEXISM/RACISM HATE SPEECH OF ANY KIND Portraits: lineart + color: $5 +shading: $7 +background: $8...
  11. Haru Totetsu

    Concerning Selling Character Designs

    Hey I'm curious as to what the place to sell character designs through he FA forums is. Is it the Art Sales and Auctions or Art Exchange and Trades? I ask because I'm not an artist selling my tarde, just a guy trying to get rid of a character. Thanks.
  12. KynRen

    Headshot YCH- 13$ (magical theme)

    Magic- 13$YCH (paited/semi painted/lineart) - YCH.Commishes -only canine characters -can add any accessories/features, as long as it's not too ridiculous -can make it in a painted or lineart style (you can choose) -payment only via Paypal- I'll send a request -AB is 30$ -THE WINNER HAS TO...
  13. choco-kissu

    Selling Lion OC! [HQ design]

    Soooo, this is an adopt i got from: BeeStarART on DeviantArt I was SO excited to get this boy but uh.......once i got him...i realized "why???...i cant even draw animals" xD so now hes just sitting here in my files without any purpose. because idk what to use him for. OTL Q_Q so i want to find...
  14. Tizri777

    Selling commissions for custom tails

    T.A.I.L.S. by Tizri is about making custom furry products! From Tails to collars and eventually fursuit commissions, we focus on quality items and satisfied customers. Today we offer custom tail commissions, just post below or message me at Userpage of Tizri777 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net for...
  15. theodrekr

    Mare and Deer Eggs, SALE-$65 Full shade, $75 painted ref

    Hello! Eggs: can be made sfw or nsfw Northern Lights Deer- $45 Your choice of gender, changes permitted www.furaffinity.net: Northern Lights Caribou by theodrekr Angel Mare- $55 feathered wings www.furaffinity.net: Angel Mare Egg Adoptable by theodrekr ON SALE- Adoptable NSFW Bull: $65...
  16. theodrekr

    Halloween Eggs, Adoptable On sale, 1 slot open nsfw & sfw

    Halloween Egg SFW: [Can be made sfw or nsfw] $45 www.furaffinity.net: Additional Halloween Egg by theodrekr Holiday Egg SFW: [can be made sfw or nsfw] $55 www.furaffinity.net: Angel Mare Egg Adoptable by theodrekr [feathered wings, please allow a bit more time to complete] NSFW COMIC...
  17. cybercat

    How to make original art more sellable / appealing?

    So I've been doing commission and fan art for years, but I'd really like to get more sales and +favs for my original art. So my question isn't about how to sell art, or where, but what appeals to you or seems to get a positive reaction from your +watchers / fans. Obviously 'subject matter /...
  18. Reserved_Krolik

    Selling my old manga...

    Update: I'm afraid I can only ship within the United States. Sorry! Here's the complete list of manga I'm selling I'm asking for a $1 each, as they're almost all in very good condition... Plus shipping costs, which I'll calculate. If they don't sell in two weeks, I'm likely gonna throw them or...
  19. taiganiwa

    Open commissions n.n

    Hello everyone, I am offering commissions, if you are interested you can contact me n.n !!!! I can only accept payments through paypal u.u , sorry for the inconvenience. In this link you can see more of my work n.n Userpage of taiganiwa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  20. theodrekr

    Big Sale, Icon, sketches, flat color, line art $10 and up

    SALE- Note me to claim! Please have an email address for the HQ files and payment via paypal. Any species, gender, etc. Private commissions or anon buyers are more than welcome to purchase. Please send your refs if they are available-refs not required. Most of my Gallery is NSFW however I...