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  1. Foxy Emy

    Fun, repetitive sentence, thread!

    Make a fun sentence repeating the same sounds and/or words in reply to the person above you. I will start the discussion with a question: If a toucan can can-can, can two toucan can-can, too?
  2. Bluefiremark II

    change the sentence

    Simple game, user 1 gives a sentence like this: i am a stegosaurus And user 2 changes ONE WORD like this: i am a pineapple. (Yes, adding on or subtracting one word and not changing anything else does count) I'll start it- I ran up to the store clerk and gave them a free cat.
  3. Guifrog

    Speak one thing, type another

    The poster above will write two sentences for you: one to be spoken, another one to be typed. Your goal is to do both actions at the same time and show us the results! User 1 Speak: Can skunks spank in Spanish? Type: Moronofox or Foxymoron? ----- User 2 Result: Moronofox ior Foxygnir? Speak...
  4. Gem-Wolf

    The 5 Letter Game

    Fun and challenging game. Pick 5 letters. The next person has to make a sentence using just those 5 letters. E.g: P M M S T Please Mom, Make Spagetti Tonight Then chose your own random 5 letters for the next person. ______________________________ My letters are: J D K F S