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  1. Fortress Maximus

    Sergal Fursuit Options?

    Hello Everyone. I am in the market for a Partial Sergal Fursuit. I am searching for makers big and small to build my Sergie Boi. Please, I ask the community to give me some pointers and/or refer people who have or are will to make a Sergal. It does not matter to me whether they are open or...
  2. Evok Studios

    American Shot for $55 (Only 5 slots)

    Hello :D Im selling american shots only for $55 ;D this is my style, u can see more of my art in the links <3 SEND ME A NOTE IF U R INTERESTE <3 J More art: https://www.furaffinity.net//evokstudio/folder/726609/Akie-Furry-Artworks NSFW: Artwork Gallery for EvokStudio -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. Giana36

    How effective would most energy weapons be on dragons and sergals?

    How would they fare overall? Examples of such weapons: Discuss.
  4. Ender413

    Fusions and Hybrids: Are Original Species Alright to Fuse?

    I'm not exactly new to the furry community but not so well versed in the specifics of some original species... I get the difference between 'Open', 'Semi-Open' and 'Closed' species and that each have a very specific set of rules to follow, but what are the guidelines upon fusing original...
  5. FluffySpaceShark

    Anyone know a lot about Sergals of Vilous?

    I'm trying to learn more about the world where Sergals originated from, and the wiki can only tell me so much. If anyone has a lot of knowledge about it and would be willing to chat with me while I ask a bunch of questions please message me or reply here.
  6. Pyruus

    Couples Art, anyone? (up to $20 budget, may be flexible) CLOSED

    I'm hoping to get some couple art of me and my boyfriend. I'm thinking maybe in an outdoor setting, something like near a campfire, or in front of the Aurora Borealis, that sort of thing. Arctic-themed. My budget goes up to $20, though I'm willing to be flexible with that range. If interested...
  7. SwampPossum

    WTT feline resin blank

    Wanting to trade this resin feline mask that comes with blank acrylic eyes for a finished sergal or shark base. Foam or resin doesn't matter to me long as it's ready to fur. Thanks!
  8. Martin2W

    I need your suggestions for sergal design

    Basically I need suggestions on colors, markings. You can suggest and something else. Basically my goal is badass, really cool looking sergal. I take a lot of inspiration from shineyfighter like body shape, dreadlocks. If you know something that would look good on sergal please reply.
  9. Martin2W

    Who make best looking sergal fursuits?

    Hello, I'm looking for makers who can make really cool looking sergal. My suit would include led eyes, dreadlocks, some patterns, ditigrade legs. So question is there are makers who can really bring sergal to life?
  10. M

    OC Created Species - A reference

    I have been looking around to get an idea of what other created species exist already, and have a following. This led me to think: Just how many species exist out there? So, I humbly ask for anyone to provide me with a species that has been created, and I would like to keep this forum here as a...
  11. Shiroka

    Sergal poses, nsfw

    Hi guys! I'm looking for two poses of my male sergal character. The first pose should be like a ref sheet of sorts, with my character just standing up, looking in the distance, with a few details about him written on the side. The second picture would have him laying on his back in a sexy pose...
  12. RouchXT-7

    NSFW and SFW commissions!

    hello! commissions open! n.n you can see my pieces here!: Userpage of rouchxt-7 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i accept recomendations due im recently into this business ^^ my prices are... sketch: 5$ / background: +3$ /extra characters: +4$ flat color : 10$ / background: +5$ /extra characters...
  13. Tully1991

    Name suggestions?!

    Okay so my last post didn't get but one reply so let me reword it a bit. I have a sona that I need help naming. Came up with him a few months ago but still can't decide a name. He is a sergal, is into industrial metal and styles of that nature and has a crazy, weird, and super expressive...