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  1. R

    Hiring: Looking for artist for long-term NSFW image series/comic

    Hello all! As the title says, I'm looking for an artist to pally up with to do an NSFW series. It would largely be an M/M theme, just to preface for people if you're not too comfortable with that. My main idea is that the focus of the series is of one of my characters in a nightclub/bar/hotel...
  2. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    web comic- Knights Chronicles

    this is my web comic Knights Chronicles, a world slowly dying at the hands of an evil tyrant the only hope for our world may lie in the hands of those once made to destroy it , this comic is done by me and me alone, and will god old pen and paper, if you enjoy science fiction and or fantasy...
  3. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,please I need feedback of my new furry action comic :)

    Hi everyone! I just finish the first episode of my own furry action series Mr.Beaver. You can read it here : Mr. Beaver :: Episode 01- Credit page | Tapas It would be great if i can get some feedback from you guys ;) Thanks !
  4. Impulse-8

    "Deltora Quest"

    Anyone here still remember the "Deltora Quest" books? This is the first fantasy book series I ever got into. I've recently finished re-reading them all since the last time I read them was over a decade ago. Took 2 years, but I did it. So far, most of the odd-numbered books are my favorites...
  5. D

    Looking for Request Takers

    I'm looking for anyone who is taking Requests. Whether it's an art-related or story-related, I must make sure he/she takes "FREE" requests. I might ask the following questions: 1.) What are your favorite Series/Characters from Said Cartoon/Video Game/Anime? 2.) (Optional) What art software...