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  1. A

    I wanna see Floppa and Sogga art please~

    I'll start <3 Now its ur turn ~
  2. Jackiefearz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $25 HQ Halloween Servals

    Trying to make some money for my niece's birthday ;; v ;; Selling these adopts for less than what they really are. They are $25 each!
  3. Anokoru

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Sale!~ (65-15€)

    ★ Payment can be made in both USD and EUR (1$=1€) ★ Adopts Sale!~
  4. Belbe

    Critique: Bètareader sought for a fantasy story - relationships with humans and anthropomorphic characters

    As the title said. I've been writing a (partially NSFW) story for a while and it's about 16k words now, any more chapters planned ahead. I'm sort of co-writing it with another person, who inserted his own character into the story and who I exchange ideas with, but I'm the writer of it all...