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  1. Astrionix

    Looking for 80s-themed Discord server(s)

    I'm trying to look for any furry servers where they talk about 1980s stuff and pop culture and synthwave too. This is optional, but it would be cool if they also talked about cassette futurism or other types of retro futurism.
  2. B

    Day Drifters Fan Discord Server!

    Hey hey! There's this wicked open species that has been my favorite for a long while. They go by the name of day drifters and their owner/creator is Kedlead on DA and Amino! They are interdimensional beings that wear masks and bandages to keep themselves together. Some can become corrupt if they...
  3. HeartAngel

    Casual Art Server (18+)

    Hey there! Some pals and I got together and made a server for casual chatting centered around artists! Every skill level is welcome, we even have channels for help/critique and WIPs, there is an optional nsfw section as well - if you'd prefer ;3. We're hoping to create a small group of great...
  4. KD142000

    Dungeon Of The Wolf- Discord Server :3 Come Join Us!

    The Dungeon Of The Wolf is a furry-oriented Discord server that is open to new members right now :3 If you'd like a friendly and welcoming place to chat to fellow furries and talk about your hobbies, this is the place to be :3 We have a strict anti-bullying policy and a team of 3 moderators at...
  5. KD142000

    Discord Server: Dungeon Of The Wolf!

    Hey, all! I recently made a Discord server for socialising, posting artwork and discussing various topics :3 Here's a run-down of what we have on offer, right now! - Social spaces for talking to other members of the server! - Places for artists to show their work and advertise for commissions...
  6. C

    Furry RP Discord Servers?

    Uh, hey. Sorry if this question gets posted a lot. I'm a new fur, whose primarily interested in writing and making stories about my furry OCs. In particular, I like RPing with other people, making a collaborative story that everyone contributes a little bit to. Well, that, and I love seeing...
  7. Nax04

    Shark's Den Furry Discord Server

    What is it about? We are a fun community that is slowly growing. Shark's Den is of course a furry server but everyone is allowed in so it doesn't matter if you aren't a furry. We ask to verify with the Staff before being granted full access in order to prevent Trolling, so please be patient...
  8. D

    Shark's Den Discord Server

    Hey This is a really neat server and it's getting some remodeling done! You should check us out cause we're fairly active. Not too fast to where your messages will be lost in the logs, but always enough to where you can have a nice conversation. Join the Sharks Den Discord Server!
  9. DireWolfJ4

    Michigan Furrie Server???

    So i was thinking about joining a furry discord server and one of my friends said i should try joining one thats around the area i live in which is Michigan but i cant seem to find one that is official anywhere, can anyone tell me where i can find it or if they have one.
  10. InfiniteShades

    A discord server for artists!

  11. Bluefiremark II

    New macro/micro discord!

    Hey! I made a new micro/macro server on discord! It's got roleplay, chat, bots, art, gaming, react roles, private rooms, verification, sfw and nsfw, and more. It is fairly new but there's already thirteen people! So come on in and join to help increase that number!!! Welcome, to the...
  12. Lopaw

    Closer furries, a big happy furry discord server

    Welcome to my discord server that’s been here since 2018. Join the Closer Furries Discord Server! Closer furries is a community aimed at resolving drama in the fandom whist at the same time being a nice community to be in. The server currently has: ▫️SFW and NSFW RP channels. ▫️SFW and NSFW...
  13. KD142000

    Come Join the Find Me A Fur Discord server!

    Hey, all! Looking for friends? Looking for love? We got you covered! The Find Me A Fur Discord server welcomes people of all backgrounds! In a personal mission to find everyone a buddy or two, I created the server to help furs the world over connect with each other! To join, simply fill out...
  14. Nax04


  15. Spitfire110

    Sharks Den Discord Server!

    Hi, I hope youd like to join us in our growing community. We are attempting to expand and would love to have more people. People of all ages and species are welcome to join. We are trying to spark more RP as well as a general sense of community. We support advertising art. LGBTQ Pride. And have...
  16. D

    Big Bellied Furs Discord Server!

    This Discord is for all 18+ furry fans of big bellies! Anything involving big bellies that you're into is probably here. So why don't you stop on by and take a look? Hope to see many of yall there! :3 DM me for an invite!
  17. FluffyShutterbug

    The Vulpine Aristocracy Discord Server

    I convinced a friend to create a Discord server for foxes. If you're a foxy fur and you want to seek out or strengthen comradery with other foxies, join this server. Each member gets a free t-shirt! (Not really :p ) Remember, though, this server is just for foxes. UPDATE: We've decided to...
  18. HerrForehead

    [Discord server] Taur Transformation RP

    A friend of mine made a server based around taur transformation RP. (SFW only) Honestly, not much to say, other than feel free to join if you're interested! Join the The Taur Virus Discord Server!
  19. C

    New discord server made, seeking members

    Feel like you need a buddy? Can’t seem to know where to start? Getting an itch to do some RP with somebody? Well I have a place for you to satisfy that. I present to you Furryville, a place where everyone can talk about their day, engage in conversation and RP to their heart’s content. We’ve...
  20. Sapphire-Wolf

    FurTech - A tech/gaming-based Discord server [SFW]

    Heya, our server has been re-opened today and we’re looking to build up a nice community! As the name says, we’ve our focus on technology & gaming but that’s not everything. Besides of the usual channels, we also have channels for art, roleplaying, and photography. We‘ve self-assignable roles...