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set prices

  1. WednesdaysSpecial

    Character Adoptables ($10-30 Range)

    Hello hi!! I'm Wednesday, I like to create character concepts and designs! Here's some of my favorite open designs Gryphon Scientist, $30 USD OPEN: Toad Prince Adopt, $20 Boar man, he's one of my oldest, so $15 Here's all of em!! Artwork Gallery for WednesdaysSpecial -- Fur Affinity...
  2. SaruCharmed

    Face/avatar ($20+), bust/side profile ($40+), full body ($70+)

    Info on the different types of commissions I can do is here. Sorry I haven't posted more here. Most of my best examples are mature, but you can see them on the link below. Each submission featured on my commissions page also has links to other examples, and you can also check out my gallery...