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  1. Ember_Kamura

    Project Warblade Chapter Updates!

    Ah, greetings everyone! I've managed to get some updates done to my series, Project Warblade that takes place in my wolvan empire setting. It essentially involves my OC, vincent, as he is created within the depths of a Darkwolf Biological Research Lab. The story has been up for a while now, and...
  2. Ember_Kamura

    Intrest gauge for setting.

    Ah, hello everyone, This is my first post here and I'm not sure where to put this, so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. As of recent I've been trying to work on some kind of hypnosis/latex cybernetic/sci-fi setting for FA. I kind of wish to make myself an audience with my writing...
  3. Silvie

    [Setting] Silvie's Shop for Herbs and Charms

    "I'm a Fairy-fox from the green lands of Arcadia and I've been lost in this side of the veil since I was a small cub. I discovered my glamour essence after I grow up and then began drifting away from my earthbound family, exploring the world on my own. Now I'm trying to find my real home while I...
  4. Talburt

    Background Artist: Give your characters a home!

    Hello! I'm a background artist who works by hand to create exciting looking backgrounds for a variety of different visual novel, comic and illustration projects! My portfolio is here: chsmith11.carbonmade.com: Claire ‘Talburt’ Smith My prices are made to suit your budget, and I have an...
  5. theCRAZYshow

    Looking for a fellow RPer

    Hi, I'm looking for an RP partner. It can either be set in the present or the past. I can do SFW and NSFW. We will talk about the references, characters and story before we start to RP. If you are interested add me on discord theCRAZYshow#3313.
  6. Impulse-8

    A video game that is like MGS in a Fantasy setting?

    Does anyone know of a video game franchise I could get into that has gameplay, and perhaps also story, like the traditional Metal Gear Solid games (Not the "Acid" spin-offs), but in a Fantasy setting? And, I dunno, I guess Anthro characters in it, too?
  7. WoodworkerDan

    The Past, Present, and Future

    Yeah, they walked into a bar. Yeah, it was tense. Fell free to roll your eyes at me for a bad pun and overused joke. However, what I should like see discussed is the social, technological, and developmental time period a story setting is in - and whether Furry stories are best set in one of the...