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  1. zenmaldita

    Main Site How do I keep SFW mode on when I log in?

    I may be a whole adult, but I don't like it when I log in and the site is automatically in NSFW and I have to keep toggling SFW back on whenever I log in. This wasn't an issue before; back then if I log off at NSFW, I log in with that and vise versa. Now it's just BOOM! GENITALS D: I've looked...
  2. Rare Walker

    "Full View" preference no longer available?

    So this week I've noticed that all submissions I happen upon are now defaulting to Full View. Tried looking in my settings and I can't find the option to change my preference. Was there some sort of new feature added/taken away or is my account broke? :/
  3. Moar Krabs

    Name Changing?

    I joined all the way back in 2017 I believe and this account was originally a troll account. I chose the name Moar Krabs but after a few days I realised that trolling got pretty boring so I just checked out the community and I liked it I guess. But now I'm just a regular user and the name Moar...
  4. Pancakes!Where?

    How to remove "Commission Info" tab from user page? [Solved]

    If someone already made a post about this please link me to a solution, and i'll delete this. I don't do commissions and I would like to remove that tab from my page. If it's a option in the settings, please point it out to me because I don't see it. Thank you
  5. C

    How to Hide Certain Art Submission Categories from Search?

    Basically, Every time I log into the browse category; there's either feet, hyper, skat/water sports or vore for every other art submission.. Can someone tell me where to find the setting to turn on specified search options to exclude feet, vore, hyper, and skat/water sports from my browsing...
  6. Shelby Malphas

    Better maturity filter

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, and if so I can be redirected to that post. In short I would like more options to censor and filter submissions and how I can view them based on maturity and subject matter. I would like my feed to generally be clean, but also with an option...
  7. Dragonley

    Different layouts in beta

    I noticed a while back that there's different layouts for beta, which are: Dark Light Dustbunny Puff Retro Terminal Dark, Light, and Retro are the only ones that work. The others are just a white screen that obviously are in the middle of being built. I'm really curious to see what the other...