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  1. L

    Sewing foam into tail closure

    Looking for some suggestions on sewing the round hole at the top of the tail down into a round piece of EVA foam I’d like it to be more rigid at the top so I put that on the inside should I just use a curved needle or is there an easier way to do this next time…?
  2. D

    Custom Fursona Masks [WAIT LIST: OPEN]

    Custom Made Fursona Masks SOLD OUT ADDITIONAL SLOTS COMING SOON Leave a comment on our most recent Instagram post (@lunaflora_landing) if you’d like to be put on the ping list for our next opening! ✨✨✨ Social Media Shop Art © LittleRavine. Characters © dakodils. You DO NOT have...
  3. Petrichorlizard

    Best sewing machine? What do you use?

    Hello! I'm thinking of buying my own sewing machine as soon as I can and I'll be starting to save up and searching for deals. What do you use with faux fur? I mainly deal with minky and faux fur so something sturdy and smart, but not *too* much. And affordable all-terrain sewing vehicle is more...
  4. Manly-in-Training

    Props for suirters

    I'm working on some patterns of my own and hoping to sell some props online, foods, things, maybe some custom stuffies. My favorite so far is an anatomical shaped bone I made for Halloween. I'm wondering if there might be a market here for that, not a fursuit but accessories. And if anyone has...
  5. Freddydanger

    Beginner - Sewing Machine Help

    Hi. I don't know where to post this, but I'm at my witt's end. I have looked all over my area for someone willing to teach me to sew for a year, and nobody is available. I am disabled and struggle a lot with learning, and was looking specifically for a one on one teacher. I go to college in...
  6. Naughtybit

    Sewing machine for Fursuiting?

    Greetings! I've been looking into trying to make a suit as well as some general costumes for a while now, but i'm having a little trouble getting started. First and foremost, what sewing machine would be best in the price range I currently have. I've had an older sewing machine before (late...
  7. Varg Stigandr

    What sewing machine do you use?

    I did some searching and failed to come up with any threads that dealt with machines that weren't at least 5 years old, so I'm bringing it up. Since there are a lot of people here who either make fursuits for fun or as a business I thought I would ask you all in hopes that it would benefit...
  8. Kuro_the_Cat

    What stitch shall I use to applique fursuit pawpads?

    Hello!! I'm making a fursuit, but what stitch shall I use to applique my pawpads onto my paws? All of the tutorials I have looked at use the satin stitch or a modified zigzag stitch, but my sewing machine was cheap and I only have 12 built-in stitches (no satin stitch). My paws are going to be...
  9. sanssoucistudios

    Quick question re tail patterns

    Figuring since I've made heads, I can probably manage tails! Question- when making patterns for tails, to what extent do you take in to account the length of the fur pile you want to use? If you want to make the tail X wide, do you subtract some of the length of the pile from your pattern so...
  10. Ciider

    Custom Art trade for a Custom Kigu

    Hi! I'm Ciider, and this is sort of a weird request, I know there are a bunch of y'all out there who are proficient in sewing and I was hoping I could find someone who would like to trade a commission for someone to make me an Axolotl/Dragon kigu. I'll make the design, I just don't have the...
  11. sanssoucistudios

    Handsewing vs Machine Sewing

    www.sanssoucistudios.com: Handsewing and such on a fursuit head I just wrote a new blog post about my second head build. I used a lot of hand sewing for this one, and am pretty pleased with the difference it made. I'm curious to hear other's thoughts re hand vs machine sewing too!
  12. sanssoucistudios

    Hoods.. to line or not to line?

    I finished sewing up the fur for "Maxine", my second head build,today, I'm happy with how she looks so far! "> Question- to line the hood or not? I can't imagine doing anything to make the mask hotter than it already is (it's hot just holding it on my lap to sew it!) but being able to see the...
  13. Yumio-chan

    Plushie Commissions

    I wanted to make a post about commissions here on fur affinity. You can check out some of my work here: Yumio-chan's DeviantArt Gallery I need a reference photo of what you want me to make, front and back. All you need to do is ask and we'll discuss it. I need at least the animal you'd like...
  14. sanssoucistudios

    Hand Sewing vs Machine Sewing- thoughts?

    I'm working on my second head, and one of the improvements I want to make over my first head is fur that fits more closely to the resin base, so it obscures its form less. (Here's pics of my first head: <a href="Meet Max, the very first furry mask made by Sans Souci...