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  1. Zefy

    GIRLS COMMISSION( and boy or another gender) [10$ min]

    ・・・・☆HELLO ☆ ・・・・ I'm opening commissions and this is prices: ★HEADSHOT★ - Full colour $10 ★HALF BODY★ - Full colour: $20 ★FULL BODY★ -Full colour: $40 ★BACKGROUND★ Simple one-colour/gradient – free Complex background – 10-50$ Extra character - +100% NSFW - to be discussed. Prices also...
  2. waifuart

    [SFW/NSFW] Clean Art and Tasteful Lewds, slots available! Starting at $20!

    Opening commissions! 20 USD for an uncoloured drawing of a character of your choice! +15 USD per extra character +5 USD colour per character Sample art: Kink friendly uwu PM to discuss your needs~!
  3. Micshork

    Furry and Dating

    Hello. I wanted to create this thread for two purposes. One, to ask for my own personal advice from people, and Two, to help others who might have this problem and might want to discuss this issue with each other. I want to hear how YOU (The reader of this post) maintain a Healthy relationship...
  4. Y

    Seeing if There is Interest in a Furry Related Product

    Hello there fellow furries! A business partner and I have started interest in building tools that brings furry lifestyle to the utmost intimate of scenarios. ;) We've been thinking of producing furry themed condoms that could complete a fursuit and keep you safe at those romantic moments...
  5. Kitsune Yin

    Sexy Geomancer ant girl for auction!

    now we have the #22 monster girl for auction ( Gao monster series ) this time is a sexy Geomancer Ant girl waiting for a new master interested in Bid for her can do it here : www.furaffinity.net: Gao monster girl #22 (auction open) by KitsuneYin
  6. A

    Humanoid, Anthro, Feral (sfw/nsfw), Ref Sheets

    Hello! Name's Ashe! I'm an artist of sorts and it's time to put that skill to use. The money I saved to get my pup some puppy obedience classes got wasted on some car issues. And I want to get her into those puppy classes! Help a guy out will ya? Some Art Examples: NSFW Examples: M/F, M/M...
  7. O

    Seeking roleplay with vore and sexual elements

    I'm looking for a roleplay partner for an undetermined amount of time for scenes involving Chara Dreemurr. Preferably female, Futanari is fine too. scenes can be discussed if interest is taken. Anal, oral, cock, and unbirth are acceptable, cruel and violent intentions are welcomed into the rp...
  8. rjanaconda

    Service Animals 1 open for sale $10-50

    Hello all! My first (possibly of many) animated videos are now for sale. This hot and steamy sex scene is animated by hand for only 10USD you can get your own copy. Animation can be customized for 25 or 50 depending on your choice of if I can re sell the animation with your color scheme. Full...
  9. F

    Closet Fu

    Hello, I just recently came out to my wife that I am very much into sexual transformations involving animals and wasn't sure honestly how she would react. Much to my surprise, she is really supportive and pushing me to incorporate this part of me that I've hidden my entire life into our sex...
  10. SkyeRao

    Secondlife - The Blue Monarch (Gay Yiff Club)

    Hey, my name is Skye Rao and I am a gay tiger shark. I just wanted to post an ad for my club. If any of you have SecondLife and enjoy playing then hop into the club anytime you want. Thanks! Welcome to The Blue Monarch-Gay Yiff Club 24/7 Adult Club 18+ Public Sex Allowed Clothing optional...
  11. C

    Conflicted By Prospect of an Open Relationship Thoughts?

    I'm just after some stories and advice really. Recently my wife suggested she'd like to have an open relationship. This came as a massive shock as she would be the last person I'd ever thought would want something like that and was completely out of the blue. I know most guys would jump on the...
  12. Renic

    Fursonas (Documentary)

    Hello, I am Renic, a young furry to the fandom, only been a furry for a few years, never really active in the larger community, never been to an event or convention ect ect ect. Anyway, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the Fursonas documentary. I know it has been out for some time now...
  13. Jaxxette

    NSFW YCH (2 poses)

    2 Pose YCH Porn~! Innocent + Riding him <3 - YCH.Commishes Please follow the link above for the image preview and for the auction rules. As a clarification, your character can be any species, and will replace the bunny girl I've drawn. <3 (Note: I wish I could post a preview ;w; But the forum...
  14. F

    Yiffy "Master"

    Looking for people 18+ that interested in a basic slave/master thing via skype (kittlezkippy@gmail.com = Skype. Type that in a search and you'll find a guy named "Flex," with a little manned wolf display pic.) Don't mind absolutely anything, aside from age play. I am looking for dominant, master...
  15. MB_Thomas

    Plight of a commission artist

    Tell me if you've ever gone through this before. You start selling commissions at a reasonable price and at first, things are going pretty well. But as the months go by, you start losing momentum. So you start taking NSFW commissions and the customers start pouring in. Again, things are going...
  16. vola_vin_arus

    adult furry dating sim "Kemono Academy"

    Hello all! I'm Vola and I'm here to share with you all today my upcoming game project called Kemono Academy, Which is a furry dating sim being made within the ren'py engine. The game features visual novel like dialog for events as you build your relationship levels with the girls. The game has...
  17. luichemax

    Hello !! I am luichemax....and i and work especially with furries.

    It is a great pleasure to be here among you . Lovers furries ! And I come here , ( already wondering if it's how you do it ) show my drawings ... to inspire, entice or ... maybe even help if you need . Thank you for your attention !! Here I have some gear ... and I would ask the honest opinion...
  18. TheOriginalDaddyD

    Looking for Guest Stars

    I am writing a massive collection of stories called the Fantasy Palace and I am looking for people who's fursona's or characters would like to make an appearance in one of the many shows or private events the Palace holds. The fantasy palace takes place in a magical world with steam and diesel...
  19. D

    Unwanted Sexual Attention in the Fandom

    So I have heard a lot of people talking about females in the fandom getting lots of unwanted sexual attention and harassment by males in the community, and while I don't want to shrug off this problem but I've been noticing lots of younger gay/bisexual boys (as well as myself) in their late...
  20. Simo

    Would you date an android?

    Suppose in the future, they could make Androids that were so human, you couldn't really tell them apart. Would you date one? You could even decide certain elements of their personality, appearance, interests, sexual inclinations...and whatever other details. For me, though, I think it would...