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sexual content

  1. M

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW commission (18+) 40$

    Hey! I'm ready to sell my OC (18+)! Rules: - To claim comment on the submission page, or send me a note. - PayPal USD only. - You'll get a full size image without the censorship and blur. - You can add a whip to the character or any other accessory of your choice. ^^
  2. Iflyte

    [Critique and general advice requested] The Metroid's Song (NSFW)

    Hi guys, as you can imagine, the story I've written takes place in the metroid universe and is also quite smutty, definitely NSFW and featuring a number of out of the ordinary kinks. www.furaffinity.net: The Metroid's Song by iflyte A Brief Description: The Metroid's song is a complete...
  3. Setokaiva

    [Critique Request] The Spider's Trial - Seducing the Healer

    As you can guess by the word 'seducing', this story is sex-focused, so anyone who finds that uncomfortable need not apply for this request. This story is a Novelized Roleplaying Log, something I've been posting a lot of lately. What that means is that it is in a play-by-play format, with the...