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  1. J

    Living on a sail boat (romantic RP)

    Hello, this will be a longterm rp. i am a gay 23 year old fox name Jason. Story: We have been a couple for a few years. I just got a promotion at my company. With the promotion we are able to live where ever we want and we can finally buy a sailboat to live on the seas together. Romanic and...
  2. N

    What's the matter with the puppy porn or the puppy porn artist?

    I really declare myself to be a person with a great sexual taste, but for a while, with my short interaction time in the furry community, I noticed a certain contrast behind my companions' opinions about this, what do you think?
  3. T

    Vent: Leaving the sexual aspect behind but feeling self-conscious about it

    apologies for pushing my issues onto y'all like this, but this is something I've been wrestling with for a while, and I think this is just the kind of environment where I can expect people to at least understand what I'm talking about. I realize that all of this must seem very trivial from an...
  4. Tytail

    FREE COMMISSIONS for publicity. Looking to build up portfolio

    Heya furaffinity! I'm looking to make a start in the furry erotica market, and to do so I need a portfolio to sell my work with. As such, I would simply adore if some of you all would commission stories from me of your sonas, your favorite canon characters or anything else furry! I'm looking to...
  5. Saltamor

    Open commission. Half realistic, cool style. You will not regret )

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more suitable with low...
  6. JackJackal

    searching for NSFW Macro/micro rp.

    Just looking for specifics now. If you want to rp then start a conversation with me or let me know here! Also Anyone can join I don't care as long as your good at rp's
  7. JackJackal

    Searching for rp partners. (NSFW and SFW)

    Hey there. I'm new to the forums and I was looking for anyone willing to do rp with me. If so start a conversation with me or let me know here! we'll discuss then. MxM and MxF are ok. (Vore, paw/feet, macro/micro are prefered.)
  8. S

    Looking for a female roleplay partner for casual/sexual stories.

    I'm an anthro male wolf looking for female roleplay partners. We can discuss whatever is neccisary beforehand. Feel free to message if interested. :3
  9. Hellsingkitten

    Looking for guro/gore artist

    (Open) Hello all. I am looking for an artist that is willing to draw a sensual gore piece. I want a piece of my character holding my partners characters severed (but still living) head by a bit of spine that is sticking out of their neck. With the two characters making out and blood dripping out...
  10. Max User

    Volunteer job application for any gay furry YIFF artists in need

    Greetings! My name is Max. So recently I've been looking into a volunteer job just for the fun and experience and being able to work with great artists. I will work for free at any time of the day when applicable. The reason why i want to volunteer is to pass the time, learn things from others...
  11. eggplantmcgee

    Can A Minor Draw Porn?

    That was the best title I could think of. But my question is, can someone under 18 legally draw people in sexual situations? Can they sell it? If you think they should or shouldn't be able to leave your opinions! I wanna hear em.
  12. Secret170193

    Looking for RP, f-list included, multiple character options

    Hey all~ I'm looking for some Rps for some of my characters, I'll include links to some of them and my f-list, just drop me a note on here of my FA art account and I'll get back to you~ check you match up to my f-list first, I don't want to turn down a lot just because they've not looked. ^^...
  13. G

    Submissive tops

    Am I the only guy that likes being a submissive top? I love the idea of dominant bottoms.
  14. G

    Gaymers if you could sleep with a videogame character who would it be?

    Me? link if he was gay.;)
  15. Geo_Brawn

    Love your Favorite Furry Friend..?

    Would you like art created of you or anything in in the furry realm? Contact me and I'll be happy to create your dreams and make them a visual reality. My prices to do so are very reasonable, and I will make anything you want, just name it.. Contact me at geo@brawngraphix.com and let's talk...
  16. cdog575

    Looking for artist to draw adult scene

    Hello everyone. I wanted a picture of my friend and I drawn together in an adult scene. Looking to see how much someone would be willing to do this for. Im new to this and not really sure how to approach this.
  17. Milo & Destiny

    My Characters: The life of Destiny and Milo (NSFW)

    Hello everyone! I just needed a place to post my anthro art. Some of it is NSFW. <3 Here's Milo, my lovely and tender OC. He's the Boyfriend of Destiny as you'll see when you scroll down. Here's some art of Milo and Destiny having some private fun... ;) Currently a WIP but it's going to be...
  18. P

    Cards Against Humanity Card Suggestions.

    Let's have some silly fun. Post what cards you would like to see in a furry related expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity down below. Remember to specify whether it's a question (black) or an answer (white) card. Add as many responses as you want. I want to see some creativity that will make...