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sfw allowed

  1. Askaram

    Sketch Commissions OPEN (25€)

    Hello fellow furs! I'm currently open for 10 Sketch Commissions, each for 25€! What you'll get: -Full body colored picture (SFW or NSFW) -Simple BG (+10€ if you want a more complex one!) -Simple shading -+One prop extra! (complex props like vehicles, guns etc cost 5€ extra) -Each character...
  2. Jackpot Raccuki

    Tonight Stars an Easygoing RPer [Looking for RPers]

    "In tonight's thread we star an easygoing RPer!" Hello, I'll cut to the chase... The name's Smexy Likeok4, you may call me Smexy or Like, whichever floats your furry boat. As you may gather I'm looking for someone/people to RP with, whenever or not it's SFW, NSFW or StoryRP I don't really...
  3. daaiyah sims

    Commissioners needed! (CHEAP)

    hello! if youre looking for cheap artwork, im your gal. for budgets at aboutt... $8-65 or more depending what i have to draw, my works pretty cheap! i am SFW/NSFW! here are my price sheets: www.deviantart.com: Commission Sheet 2018 (OPEN) www.deviantart.com: Extra Commissions 2018 (OPEN) Extra...
  4. Wolfy_V

    Come Join Wolfy's World! (Furry Discord Server)

    (Artwork for logo and banner done by me) WELCOME TO WOLFY'S WORLD ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Wolfy's World, a fun-loving furry server made just fur you! We have a little bit of everything for just about everyone willing to...
  5. Agent-Ink

    Hey girl heyyyyyyyy

    Hey what's up, I'm Ink, I'm eighteen and I never fucking learned how to read Anyway. I'm Ink and I wanna be your friend! I'm a writer and literally that's all I'm good at. but that means I'm a decent rp-er! I'm always looking for new partners and people to talk to! I'll do SFW or NSFW, just PM...
  6. Samantha Rose

    No limits, No shame.

    Hey everybody itsa me Samii~ Here to offer art of all kinds no limits to what it could be. Fullbody SFW-10$ NSFW-15$ Reference sheets of any size-15$ Fetish pieces start at 20$ Can do comics too for 10$ a page SFW and 20$ a page for NSFW~ You can see all my works here- ITSTOTSSAMMII on...
  7. Wynst Draws

    Looking for someone who could do a 80s themed piece - $20-60

    I'm looking for someone who could maybe do an 80s themed piece with my character...perhaps 2 characters max. Possibility to do NSFW a plus. BUDGET: $20-50/60 Character refs: www.furaffinity.net: 100 Watcher Stream_Wynstdeer_Bust by SkunkandAnt www.furaffinity.net: headshot - Greg by WynstDraws
  8. M

    Leaving the this site For awhile

    Yep, You read it right! Indeed I'm taking my absences of leave I don't think I will be coming back and if I did it won't be anytime soon. I believe my grounds was twitter where I could socialize with other furries and especially with my age 20 group that is where I feel more comfortable. Thanks :)
  9. M

    Whats up, Anyone want to talk?

    Anyone want to talk? Talk Anything :)
  10. FeatheryFretboard

    Wanna do eachother's charas?

    Here's what I'm saying, anyone who is willing to try their best at art and getting art of their characters at the same time. Post here, I'll link my chara here and see if anyone wants to do mine if I'll do their chara. Art for art, get what I mean? You don't even need to be a great artist, but...
  11. M

    Is Yiff allowed Here

    Just wounding if YIFF is Allowed here? And YIFF So....Like what I did There.hehe Where Do I post Such thing? ☝️
  12. smolgecko

    Cheap NSFW sketches

    I am selling $5 sketches of your oc with a choice of SFW or NSFW rating. Additional characters are another $3. Check out examples of my work on furaffinity! -sqort
  13. Leviathanatos

    NSFW/SFW Sketch Requests!

    Howdy!! I'm very much out of the game and I'd like to start opening up commissions and making money! But I don't have anything to use as examples, so!!!! I need some dudes to draw! Just leave a ref and specify if you want nsfw or sfw and I'll sketch it when I can. If you like the sketch enough...
  14. Thatonechickyoudontknow

    Clean Sketches and Watercolor Commissions

    I'm selling digital sketches and watercolors~! Sketches: Watercolor: Opening up with 5 slots available~! Sketches: $15 USD Watercolor: $25 USD Slot 1: OPEN Slot 2: OPEN Slot 3: OPEN Slot 4: OPEN Slot 5: OPEN I will do: Humans/Humanoids, Furry/Anthro, OCs, Canon Characters...
  15. peachyacid

    NSFW and SFW Commissions starting at $10!

    I am open for NSFW and SFW commissions! SKETCH: Shoulder-up: $10 Half body: $15 Full body: $20 LINE ART: Shoulder-up: $15 Half body: $20 Full body: $30 LINES+FLAT COLOR: Shoulder-up: $20 Half body: $30 Full body: $35 LINES+SHADING: Shoulder-up: $30 Half body: $35 Full body: $45...
  16. O

    SFW/NSFW long term partner needed

    I'm looking for a female partner that will support my character just like I will support theirs. I have been role playing for about 9 years now and I am seriously trying to find someone that has a connection with me. I felt that here would be a great place to find a connection and wanting to...
  17. alabammerslammer

    SFW Sketches starting at $25

    Hello! For the first time ever, I'm opening up furry commissions! (Yes, I have an account for all of my usual artwork and can send you a link upon request). Sketch (bust) $25 full body sketches start at $35 but may increase, depending on difficulty level of the drawing requested. Full...
  18. Ciider

    Tarot Card Style Commissions, SFW/some NSFW

    Tarot Inspired commissions for D&D, Tabletop Characters, Fursonas, or OC’s! Hey guys! Ever had a character that you’ve wanted drawn? Do you like tarot esq style? I’m almost done will all the art I owe people, so I’m opening up commissions for a bit, with a rush sale, $90 (or two characters for...
  19. Toodaloo

    Offering Cheap Sketches! Headshots, busts, fullbodies, & more! Starting at $5, max $50!

    Ranging from Fullbodies to busts and everything in between! Hello hello my fellow forum-lurkers. I'm selling sketches! These can be coloured or uncoloured, fullbodied, hip up, waist up, knee up, etc! I can do NSFW, SFW, Humans, Furries, Robots, etc! Prices are as followed! Headshot: $5 w/h...
  20. CarrotJuice

    Carrot's Corner Discord [OPEN]

    Carrot's Corner Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Carrot's corner is a growing discord server with an active staff and community. Join our server and meet new friends, and socialize with people from around the world. Advertise your art, or maybe that old YouTube channel you...