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sfw allowed

  1. Dreamsthefox

    Art for Literary works

    I'm looking to trade art for Literary fan fiction. The story can be a few paragraphs to a few pages depending on how you want to write it. I can provide any type of art. I won't do Scat, Diaper, Watersports, or TF. My FA is dreamsthefox.
  2. zobielle

    $100 Package Deal!

    I've seen people do things like this where they'll offer certain amounts of art to be done in a certain amount of time and I wanted to try one myself if someone is interested. Basically I just offer a certain amount of art that you'll get within a certain amount of time. At least that's how I...
  3. Starbomb

    Commissions are OPEN!

    You can see more of my stuff over at my gallery: Userpage of starbomb -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Quick Rules Tho! • I accept USD with PayPal • If you're interested in a commission from me, write me a private message/note! • I have the right to refuse a request and NSFW is accepted at this moment...
  4. Squidboner

    Discounted Painterly Scenes ($60) // Only 3 Slots

    Want something different? Check out my full commission lineup Price Guide (NSFW) // ToS Hey guys! I'm doing a quick special on full scenes so that I can fluff up my portfolio. Usually priced $90+, I'm hoping to take on up to three full scene commissions for August. Though I'm open for...
  5. Kiss.of.Envy

    (RP one shot) Mostly for fun ;)

    SoYou just found out I, Envy the coyote, took an embarrassing photo of you and is soon gonna be printed on the most popular magazine in the furry kingdom. What would you do to get the photo back from me? Or are you just cool with the whole thing......wanna tell what could be on the photo Ku Ku...
  6. quoting_mungo

    Open for MLP requests for a limited time

    Full details on my Tumblr. I don't draw canon characters as commissions, so this is a rare-ish chance to request canon character art from me. SFW requests originating from this forum will be crossposted to this thread. Please send NSFW requests through Tumblr only, so we don't get explicit...
  7. KagetheShadow

    Art Shop (Cheap - USD)

    Greetings, I am in need of a few dollars due to me losing my job as of recently. So I decided to open up for commissions to pay for the last bit of this month's rent. Which is only $90's that I cant pay at the moment without help. Here are my prices: Sketches: $5 - Due to how pricing works...
  8. arurelius

    Various commission types! SFW/NSFW Anthro/Human/Gijinka/OCs accepted!

    Hello all! I'm ★pumb★ ! I would like to offer a variety of commissions! I'm okay with many themes and character types, but if you're unsure you can always ask me by email at arurelius@gmail.com ! Accepted themes: Furry/Anthro, Humans, Ferals, Gijinkas, OCs, etc SFW, NSFW, horror/gore and plenty...
  9. A

    Free Art (NSFW requests highly preferred and recommended for M/M art)

    So, I've been trying to sell my art but to no avail. Figured I may need to put extra stuff in my gallery to showcase to potential customers/hone my skills further before anyone will be willing to commission me. Refer to my TOS to know what I will and won't draw, the exception here obviously...
  10. kaewaii

    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    Note I will draw nsfw, but I won't draw any kink that sexualizes minorities or children. (Things like F*ta and Lolicon aren't acceptable.) I prefer to be paid upfront, but we can negotiate the method of which payment is dispersed. I'm flexible on this one. Paypal only though. If you want...
  11. TwistedTeeth

    Cheap Commissions / Quick Turnaround

    Hey all, looking to fill up queue for the first two weeks of October. If you get something you will get it on the day you're queued up for (if you're queued for Monday you'll gave it by Monday night, etc). Right now I'm taking two or three pics per day. Recently just lowered my prices on...
  12. BunnyBrigade

    YCH Anthro - 3 slots available in Flat Color or Fully Detailed

    SFW or NSFW versions available for the pose! Two options are available on this full body 'sexy pose'. $20 Flat Color - or - $30 Full Detail - Shaded/Highlighted and lube as an option 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN Feel free to check out the pose in censored and uncensored versions here...
  13. Botticella89

    Open for Commissions

    **Botticella89's Commission Info!** Welcome! **Slots Open: 3 I'm willing to do just about anything sfw wise. Bring on the fluff! However, if you wish something nsfw related, there are somethings I am not comfortable with please see my furaffinity page for details on that. **PRICING** LINE...