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sfw commissions

  1. fish-with-feathers

    Round 4 Commissions are OPEN!

    It's again that time mates, I'm once again accepting commission! Like before slots are unlimited and I'll be open until November 30th, so long as I don't get swamped! So if you're interested, send me a Note and we can talk about details! Commission types and prices -->...
  2. Hiaennyddei

    Starting at 10$ !

    Hello ! I'm new here and willing to sell my art. Here are my prices and examples : You can see more examples on my Tumblr and Deviantart. - The prices are per character, except for the background addition which is to be counted only once. The prices are also meant for full-body and are...
  3. stressedk9

    Urgent vet funds needed: Selling YCHs (10-25€)!

    Hi! I'm StressedK9 from Furaffinity, currently selling 3 YCHs ranging from 10 to 25 euros. You can look at them here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/stressedk9/ So, I mentioned urgent vet funds needed in the title. Here's a bit of the backstory: I'm the proud owner of 2 dogs, they are my...
  4. DaakuJasumiin11


    I'm open for Commission. The price is 29,95€ for a complete work. If you have any questions, regarding the rules or details, please send me a message here or on my home page. Thank you :p
  5. cinnamonchan

    COMMISSIONS OPEN starting at $10!

    Hey! I have commissions open, as shown below: Info not on the sheet: Payment accepted in paypal only, with payment upfront! I will do anthro and human characters. Extra characters +$10, backgrounds past plain colours or patterns will be more depending on what you want. Complex character...
  6. octacats

    NSFW/SFW Commissions Open: $30 - $35

    Im offering bust commissions for super cheap price! ~ Comment below if interested Examples here; sfw: www.furaffinity.net: [C] - Sara by octacats nsfw: www.furaffinity.net: [FA] - Nicnak044 by octacats
  7. soundfishtank

    Open Art Slots-LOTS OF OPTION$

    Hi, I'm Sound! Here's my general commission info. Thanks for your consideration! Contact me on FA, or my tumblr for details! Tumblr- soundillustrations.tumblr.com: Sound of Wolf Gallery FA- Userpage of soundfishtank -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Jellybeanlies-Studios

    August commissions are open

    August commission are OPEN! TOS If you have any questions, please feel free to note me. 10 slots open for now. I am starting up out of stream commissions again. All you have to do is note me the form below filled out, and I will give you the payment details via a reply along with an...
  9. Squidboner

    Discounted Painterly Scenes ($60) // Only 3 Slots

    Want something different? Check out my full commission lineup Price Guide (NSFW) // ToS Hey guys! I'm doing a quick special on full scenes so that I can fluff up my portfolio. Usually priced $90+, I'm hoping to take on up to three full scene commissions for August. Though I'm open for...
  10. Poochomo

    Launching Commissions! [$12–70]

    My partner and I are starting up commissions on our joint account! Check out our commission info if you're interested! We can do SFW, NSFW, any species, armor/mecha stuff, other stuff... we're pretty versatile lol. Here's an example of a full-body color commission: L8ter g8ters -Moeka
  11. PencilBrain

    Comissions open 3 slots available

    3 Commission slots are open + unlimited number of floating head icon slots. Line art: avatar 15 bust 25 full body 35 Color: avatar 20 bust 30 full body 40 Backgrounds are an extra 5 for simple and 15 for complex scenes All art is sfw not doing nsfw right now. Characters must be...
  12. SleepyPyromancer

    (Commission) Selling: SP's Commissions Re-Opening!

    Hello everyone! My name is SleepyPyromancer, and I've been a furry for god knows how long haha. It's been a Hot Minute since I've had commissions available, but I'm happy to let y'all know that I'm open once again! I've got pretty much everything up for offer, from quick sketches to big pieces...
  13. dreamph

    $5-$15 Commissions Open! (SFW/NSFW)

    ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧ ╔═══════════════╗ Original Commission Post / FA commission page Hey guys!! Its taken me a while but I finally got together a proper commission sheet If you're interested, please message me on my furaffinity or at my email ( mysticpelt[at]live.com ) with the following...
  14. Tenseki

    Open Commissions ($15-125 AUD / $12-100 USD) Sketches, Basic Ref Sheets, Prints

    *** What's available : Chibi: Flat Colour Chibi Sketches: Headshots | Upper Body | Full Body | Illustrations: Rough Illust | Full Illust Ref Sheets: Basic Refs | Large & Detailed Refs PWYW Custom Commissions | Prints *** All commission info details can be viewed on FA & commiss.io : Commission...
  15. ScruffOfChampions

    Commissions Open! Digital Art (SFW, NSFW), Pixelart and more!

    OPENING SPECIAL!! $5 OFF THE FIRST TWO COMMISSION ORDERS IN THIS THREAD! Thank you so much for your interest in my commission work! Check out my FA portfolio! I'll also post the prices below: Safe For Work commissions: Bust: Monochrome (shaded) $10 Color (flat) $20 Color (shaded) $25...
  16. arurelius

    Various commission types! SFW/NSFW Anthro/Human/Gijinka/OCs accepted!

    Hello all! I'm ★pumb★ ! I would like to offer a variety of commissions! I'm okay with many themes and character types, but if you're unsure you can always ask me by email at arurelius@gmail.com ! Accepted themes: Furry/Anthro, Humans, Ferals, Gijinkas, OCs, etc SFW, NSFW, horror/gore and plenty...