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  1. Trithahn

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Royal Red Adopt Auction! (SB $10)

    I'm selling this kid: At this link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44110587/ Auction information is listed on the link and on the image! I'd really appreciate even a share or a bump, as I'm quite new to using FurAffinity even though I've been on here a while haha thank you!!!

    (Commission) Selling: ($10 - $45) loid's SFW+NSFW comms <3

    Hello there! <3 I'm selling SFW and NSFW commissions between $10 - $45 USD (may negotiate on prices under certain circumstances). Drop me a message if you're interested in ordering, or if you have any questions! Rules + Guidelines - Please be clear and upfront about your order - Payments are...
  3. LifeInCartoonMotion

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 - $20 SFW and NSFW Adopts Open! (Buff, monster, mystery eggs)

    These are some adopts I currently have open! $15 SFW Duality Deer: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42398284/ $20 SFW or NSFW mystery egg adopts: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43909065/ (All NSFW adopts come with SFW versions) $15 Hunky Reef Shark Hybrid...
  4. HarpyFeather

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Personal Fanfiction and Writing! No Length Cap! Kink Positive!

    Thank you for clicking on my advertisement! Below is any information you’ll need to commission me! Here is my portfolio: https://archiveofourown.org/users/HarpyFeather About Me My name is Feather, and I am a writer at heart working on my own book series, between writing myself, and...
  5. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw Trumbeak

    Hello folks. I'm searching for any artists who might be interested in drawing my Trumbeak pokesona. I'm looking to get a SFW (but very suggestive) image of him, with a little bit of humor in it too. Will discuss further details with the artist. My budget can be anywhere from $50-$100 for this...
  6. V

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    Hello! I'm Vanily and i'm new into the furry community but been drawing furry characters for years and would like to practice drawing more species and cute sonas since cute stuff is the best i can draw so, if you are interested contact me! (SFW only, for now!) I'll leave here an example of how...
  7. Lady.Salazar

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are OPEN! ($20+)

    Hello everyone, I am open for commissions. Trying this again with cheaper prices. GALLERY HERE (WARNING: NSFW) I will not draw for minors. You must be 18+ to order from me. Thank you.
  8. PloufPuff

    (Commission) Selling: My Commissions are Open in PREP for MEGAPLEX! Find: Headshots, Full Paintings, Ref Sheets and MORE!

    Hey Guys! My commissions have opened up and there are many varying things for you all to check out! To claim a slot you should either comment here or PM me (FA notes are also fine). I will start working on your piece after receiving reference material of your character, pose reference or...
  9. Darknessis

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Reference Sheet Commissions [Open]

    Hey!) I open сommissions for references - start from $ 45 Any kind, any form (feral, anthro). Canids, draconians, felines, ungulates - anything. I take two slots SFW and two NSFW. Location example - suggested: (Side view, back view, head (emotion) and chibi for feral. For anthro, front view...
  10. Sinilga

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! | $40-$90

    Hello everyone, I'm Sinilga (≧▽≦) I am a digital furry and people artist. At the moment, I have opened the commissions. There are two slots available now. More of my works can be viewed on my page on FА: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sinilga/ COMMISSION INFO: ● I try to finish the work as...
  11. Chomby

    (Commission) Selling: Chomby's Commissions! [Starts at $4!]

    Hey there! Pretty much everything you need to know is on my price sheet! If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to reply to this thread or send me a private message. Oh! If you wish to contact me via my Discord, let me know so I know it's your friend request! I usually don't...
  12. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Commissions OPEN $30+

    Do you have a fursona or character you want to bring it to life? I can draw it for you so it will be referenced for future arts and stories. I'll do arts with the references you give me, it can have clothes, profession, a universe of ideas. Ah! And it can be of any race, and gender. Payment must...
  13. Nachvoir

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Angelic Tiger cat Auction

    ⚜️ The Angelic Tiger Cat Adoptable ⚜️ ❗️Bids only in FurAffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42555040/ ❗️ SB: 50$ AB: 150$ - Includes the original SFW ref sheet (.png file and .psd file) 2AB: 200$ - Includes the original SFW and NSFW ref sheet (.png file and .psd file) 3AB: 250$ -...
  14. TeeniestTeacup

    Temporarily Closed! c:

    If you send your ref(s) through DM, please title it "Free Sketch Request" Also, I will do NSFW or SFW so please let me know which (or both) that I can draw it in No guarantees on what will be drawn, I'm just practicing different things so specific requests may be passed over (I'm not super great...
  15. MasuMasuP

    (Commission) Selling: (Commissions) Opening commissions! • For more information, please DM me!

    [Hello, I'm opening my commissions for almost any kind of drawing!] For more examples, you can check out my FA: Userpage of MasuMasuP -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Feral Requests

    Please note: If I have already drawn art of your character, please let others have a chance to be picked. I will occasionally do requests again in the future. My commissions will open soon. Please follow me on FA if you want updates. ^_^ Thank you! This time I'd like to draw feral characters: -...
  17. Trufflis

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) (SFW/NSFW) commissions [5 SLOTS OPEN]

    Examples: For extra info/prices/TOS, please see post on FA. For even more examples, please see my FA gallery. Thanks for viewing and I hope you have an amazing day! ^>^
  18. Black-Nocturne

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ★ Black-Nocturne's Commissions [OPEN • SFW/NSFW • 5$-57$+] ★

    Please feel free to note me here or on FA, if you're interested. You can find more examples of my art here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/black-nocturne/ Terms of service: - Please provide a good reference picture of your character. If you don't provide a reference, or the reference is...
  19. KageKamonohashi

    A [SFW] Feral Wolf Group RP

    Hey, Would anyone be interested in a SFW semi-literate to literate group rp with feral (quadrupedal) wolves? The initial idea was that you would start one-on-one with me, and if more people are interested, you would meet up in story after a bit of time. I have a couple ideas for plot, but I...
  20. eddyisnthere

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Choose your own price commissions! (Minimum $15) NSFW & SFW

    I’m chill with doing pretty much anything! Scenes, Discord Emojis, icons, etc. (Please ask about NSFW references if you’d like to see them) Commissions are choose your own price with a minimum of $15! I WILL NOT DO: Super detailed Mechs Racist, bigoted, or otherwise offensive works. Super...