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  1. OctoHat

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions open! 6 slots!

    Hey! I'm OctoHat and I open 6 slots for commissions! I open for any request and I'll be glad to embody your imagination in my art <3 Here is my detailed pricelist: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/octohat/ Rules I reserve the right to refuse my service to anyone for any reason. I accept...
  2. MapleFlower

    Free Art: Free Art :)

    Hello there! I'm bored so I'm opening up free art requests lol, my art isn't that good, but I don't exactly have a proper art program soo- I'm only open to doing icons/headshots right now, sorry ^^; Here are a few examples Note: I do not do NSFW or Gory art!! <3
  3. MapleFlower

    Looking For Rp (NO NSFW)

    Hello there! If anyone wants to rp with my stinky oc Maple, well- she's open I'm open to any type of rp, serious, funny, plot driven- whatever, just no naughty no no stuff! If you want to know more about Maple I have info about her in my about page ^^
  4. mangomango

    Free Art: Doing a few art freebies!

    Heyo! I figured I'd do a few art freebies! These will probably vary in complexity depending on what I feel up to doing and if I find a character I really like! (I will most likely not be going in order and most likely won't get to everyone!) You can see some examples of my art here! But if you...
  5. OctoHat

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Commissions open!

    Hi! I'm looking for commissioners! I provide finished art in 7-14 days, and I'm very open-minded and friendly. Please, pm me here or on FA, I'll be glad to bring your imagination into art! Here is my gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/octohat/ And my prices: Rules I reserve the right...
  6. Biscuitmango

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Furry/MLP/Pokemon/Pet Portrait Commissions

    For more examples, check out my Ko-Fi..! https://ko-fi.com/biscuitmango Terms Of Service Images for PERSONAL use only. DO NOT REPOST. I do NOT accept cryptocurrency. I am strictly a "Safe for Work" artist..! If your idea for a commission is in a gray area and you’re unsure if I would accept...
  7. T

    Request: Would someone please draw my character kemono-style. (SFW)

    Hi I'm Tanuki. My character (which is pretty much is me) is a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog). Tanukis are not related to dogs or raccoons. But they're related to foxes. 1. It has to be anthro, Not feral. 2. It has to be kemono-style. 3. It has to be SFW, not NSFW. This is a Tanuki.
  8. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Sketch of my OCs together, anyone?

    Left to Right: Russell (Bear), Trip (Fox), Amber (Rabbit), Maggie (Lamb), and Kara (Squirrel) Would anyone be willing to do a sketch of all 5 of them posing together? I would take care of the lining, coloring and shading, I just need a sketch in order to do it. I would put the final product on...
  9. Oxa the Xeep

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) [CLOSED] SFW | $8-$25+ | USD & CLP!

    ヽ@(・x・)@ノ Hello and welcome to Oxa's art shop!ヽ@(・x・)@ノ I'm a digital artist based in Chile. If my style is of your liking, here's what I can do for you: [SPECIAL OFFER] Simple Fullbody (15 USD / 10.000 CLP) Simple style, fully colored and cell shaded. As a bonus I'm adding a custom pattern...
  10. fraggingforflapjacks

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Emergency Energy Sale

    Emergency sale Our energy company has decided to extend the rate increase across the next 9 months, resulting in a cost hike that is quite a lot more than my current income can handle. The following items have been reduced in price. I will update as slots fill up! This sale will continue over...
  11. MaxisDeimos

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) 15$ USD Portraits/halfbody [sfw/nsfw]

    Hello everyone! This is a link to my main commission post on FA If you like my style feel free to ask for some portrait commissions! I usually can take 4 to 5 comissions per week. Comment or send me a note if you are interested for more info. Price is for 15$ USD. Payment is upfront on...
  12. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    First things first! My discord is darbie#9192 and I'm a lot easier to reach there (i block FA certain hours of the day for productivity reasons) and we'll be able to hash stuff out in greater deal as well as haggle on prices. My prices can be flexible in that I might charge less if the design/bg...
  13. MrSilverFox

    Hiring: ($50+) Closed - Fullbody, SFW, Beach Scene Commission (Preferably less than $100, but we'll see)

    Hello! I was wanting to see about getting a commission gift for a friend of mine who's been having a rough time. This is the character: https://gyazo.com/7f03ae913a9169b849d53f342dd229d5 They are a big fan of like marine life and water. So I was wanting to do something of them on a beach...
  14. draton01


    Hello there! I'm hosting a raffle over at my FA account! You can find it here along with the details and rules: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40948485/ Good luck if you participate!
  15. Brightcat135

    March Commissions! 4/5 slots, SFW/NSFW, $36+

    Hey all! Just like the title says I'm doing art commissions, mainly full color portraits and illustrations, and looking to fill up some slots for this month. For my terms and process please check out my website: HERE If you have any questions feel free to ask! I don't bite, I promise. :)...
  16. dhi

    d i s c o v e r y | Strictly SFW Matrix-Style RP

    Any? No NSFW. It is one of my triggers. It is a matrix-style rp about a rebellion trying to break out of the matrix.
  17. OtakoWerewolf

    Free Art: Drop some refs!

    Drop some refs, I'm gonna draw them whenever I'm bored! SFW or NSFW (please specify). I'll make sure to notify you if I end up drawing your character. Since free art threads tend to blow up I probably won't be able to draw everyone, but I'll do my best! Here's my art for some examples...
  18. mercuriel-art

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) [OPEN](SFW) Feral, Anthro & Humanoid Commissions!

    Hey everyone! I'm currently open for commissions of various kinds, and will be open for the foreseeable future! I can and love to draw anthro, humanoid, and feral characters. All my art is SFW. If you are interested please DM me here or note me on FA and let's work something out! ^^ *I would...
  19. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SFW & NSFW Sketches (Color and B&W)

    Hello all! I finally have time to sit down and open some commissions slots! These are for sketch commissions! Details: Paypal payment only, will begin on sketch when payment clears Any fetish, no limits. All adult, BDSM, fetish ect welcome NSFW or SFW apply Any body type other than overly...
  20. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions OPEN $15+

    My channels where you can order: ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/alexseveroart The dealers den: https://www.thedealersden.com/store/axel-lionhart-commissions SFW form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhwvt1_eJV7NsiWIB1gLCRl-AobS2iFrn6V68c-jR5xgm-aw/viewform?usp=sf_link Or email me...