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  1. covely

    * covely's commissions * ($5-$20 USD) open!

    Hello! I'm a little new to this community, so please forgive me if this thread is a little messy. You can contact me here (on this forum), on FA (my username is moonix), or dA (covely) Firstly, my T.O.S covelycommissions.weebly.com: T.O.S By commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms...
  2. OpalescentConfetti

    Pay What You Want Commissions{Open}

    I will be doing pay what you want commissions until I reach my Goal of 40$ USD The lowest you can offer is 5$ USD . I have the right to reject a Commission based on the amount you offer, but it is unlikely to happen unless you are asking for something super complex for 5$. Examples of my work...
  3. Mercyhs

    Tribal commission (realistic) SFW ~$60

    ARTIST FOUND!!! ASKED ME TO LEAVE UP THIS POST AS A REFERENCE , PLEASE DON'T MESSAGE ME , I'LL JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU NO :( Hello! I'm currently looking for an artist willing to do either an painting /full shading + BG for around $60 (SFW), price can vary. very detailed description :3 Message...
  4. FriskyBits

    £10 Commissions available (both sfw and nsfw)

    See title above. Wanting to make some extra cash so I'm making commissions available Commission Info for FriskyBits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Please see the above link for details.
  5. Clockworke

    Clockworke returns to Paint Furs

    Hey Guys and Girls and those between and those outside of all of that. I've been struggling to find commissions clients and trying to branch out a clientel. So here I am again, looking to sell my abilities. Please, if you can, take a look at my art on other sites and see if my skills and styles...
  6. TheWolfCalledBunny

    A Wild Commission Post Appeared

    Hi there! I've opened commissions for the summer (and will keep them open long-term, however with fewer available slots at busier times). I can draw anthros, ferals, fan art, OCs, anything in between as long as it is safe for work and not a fetish piece. My style is primarily of the cutesy...
  7. SilverRA

    Commission Open

    Hey, I'm open commission now. Only 2 slot. Example of my Work For information about my commission please see at my DA journal Here. If you interesting, please send me a note. ^^ Well, I'll try to always open. Thanks for your attention. ^^