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  1. pumpkinwyrm

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Doing comms to raise some money! (Fullbody/Headshots ● SFW + NSFW ● Digital Art)

    Doing commissions to earn some money! Apologies if I forgot any information needed/helpful, I am a bit new to this! BUT: I am doing fullbody commissions! (The post for Headshots and their costs is lower down!) I am okay to draw any anthro species, and I can do SFW as well as NSFW. I am happy...
  2. supermint

    (Commission) Selling: Full illustrations with painted natural backgrounds

    Hi, I'm doing shaded fullbody illustrations with painted natural landscape backgrounds! More examples here I'm taking one slot to be started tomorrow (8/23), or 8/24. $150 for single, +75% per extra character. Request form Reply to the thread for questions!
  3. Antoszowa

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Two fullbody NSFW YCHs for sale

    Hi! I'm currently selling two NSFW YCH pieces on FA. These are fixed price, so you can get tbem right away. Check them out! Solo, any gender, anthro presenting "the goods": https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45420754/ Duo, animation, any gender, dragon/monster x anthro, big sub, small dom...
  4. MidoriMaou

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch commission's from 5$ colored or simple shaded.

    Hey there! I'm Maou and I'll do sketch commission's for a small price. Examples for my art will be shown at the end of this post. Prices: Simple sketch: 5$ Flat coloured sketch: 6$ Shaded colored sketch: 8$ Extras like: backgrounds +1-3$ ( depends on the complexity) Extra character +1$ Can be...
  5. blackquestant

    (Commission) Selling: Drawings starting at $25

    DONTS: Wendig*s scat underage noncon
  6. DergenTheDragon

    (Commission) Selling: Dergens Commissions

    Hi my fellow furs. I'm opening up for commissions. Commission Info: I will draw ferals and anthros, I specialise in headshots, busts and half-bodies, I can also draw full bodies. I can draw references, I can design entirely new custom characters. I will not draw anything NSFW but I may draw...
  7. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted Commissions [Now thru November 26th- Prices Starting at $20]

    Now through November 26th, If you order an illustration with horror, halloween themes, monsters, blood/gore, or anything autumn focused you get the following discounts: Cel-shaded and copic drawings get 10% off Digital paintings get 15% off. I'll draw anything aside from intentionally...
  8. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: HUMAN/FERAL/ANTHRO Colored+Shaded commissions Starting at $10

    Sure, I'm down. Please contact me on any of these sites, as I seldom use the forums: DeviantArt https://deviantart.com/following-the-rabbit Twitter ⚜️The Rabbit Follower⚜️ (@RabbitFo11ower) on Twitter Furaffinity https://furaffinity.net/user/ambriel/
  9. NicoTheAlien

    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 15$ - 50$ USD★

    Hey everyone! A new year, a new commission sheet! I'm Nico! a 24 years old artist/animator from Canada currently offering commissions! I mostly draw humans, anthros and aliens/ creatures! I have a couple of slots open in both category so if you are interested, feel free to look at what I can...
  10. shenkkazoo

    (Commission) Selling: Icons and Fullbodies! (SFW, $15+)

    Icons: $15 Fullbodies: $15 (+$5 for shading, per additional character) Rules/Notes: *I don't do NSFW, human faces (I struggle lol) or excessive gore (Plain old blood is fine) *Full payment is due upon approval of the sketch. I don't do refunds after I have sent you the finished piece...
  11. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: ✧・゚:* Loop's art shoppe ✧・゚:* 25$ for a full-color full body & more info inside!

    Hi there! I'm Loops AKA Lettuc3 and thanks for checking out my art shop ^^ This is a simple reference of my commission prices :^) simple backgrounds (shapes, colors etc.) are FREE, backgrounds are negotiable based on complexity I can also do chibis, icons, sticker packs to name a few! just dm...
  12. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: Heahshot $20 flat - $25 shaded

    Hi everyone! I'm Axellionhart, I change my style and for now I'll do some headshots. Flat $20 Shaded $25 PP only Unlimited sots I will: - make headshots of your sona or pet; - do sketch with after 50% payment; - do lineart and paint after last 50% of payment; - deliver via email. You will...
  13. NicoTheAlien

    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 5$ - 60$ USD★

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here and I hope we can get along! I'm Nico! a 23 years old artist/animator from Canada currently offering commissions! I mostly draw human, anthros and aliens/ creatures! I have a couple of slots open in both category so if you are interested, feel...
  14. Seth Phillips

    (Commission) Selling: DRAGON ART $15 - $30

    Doing dragon art, $35 for a fullbody that will be shaded. Headshots will be shaded too and are $15 Shaded like this: comment/message me if you're interested!
  15. knifewolf

    (Commission) Selling: $25 Shaded Bust Commissions

    ♥ Shaded bust commissions are open! ♥ • Any Gender/Species | $25 each • Unlimited Slots • Completion time is 1-2 days DM me here or my Furaffinity to claim a slot! ( knifewolf. ) ^LINK IS NSFW^
  16. Pawnige

    Pawnige's $15-$20 Shaded Headshot Commission shop!

    Heya! I'm moving out of my parents house soon to head to University, and am in need of some cash to help boost me into my fully autonomous life :3 That being said, I have decided to open for headshot/Icon commissions! The commission will be a high-resolution, shaded image of your character. I...
  17. MyToast

    Digital Art Commissions!

    I am Open! More examples in my gallery, Userpage of MyToast -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Anthro or feral, any species/creatures/monsters. Mature and gore are ok. No porn. You will get your drawing within a week of me starting it/receiving payment. (Unless stated otherwise.) Paypal only. Prices...
  18. axolotldreams

    Fully colored and shaded portraits for REDUCED price

    Hey y'all! I'm opening commission slots for a reduced price as a way to build my portfolio and as a form of practice. I will be making fully colored and shaded portraits for $40 USD. I only have 8 slots left!
  19. Hazelmere

    $20 Shaded Headshots!

    Hey everyone! I've lately been enjoying drawing expressions, and I'm now selling headshots/icons for $20! This is an example of the type of icon you would receive: You can see more examples of my work at Artwork Gallery for Hazelmere -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and as of now I have unlimited...
  20. Sladin5Ever

    Furry Face POGs

    For the entire month of July (or what's left of it anyway lol) I am taking commissions where I place your fursona/character's furry face on a POG base. Front views and generally closed mouths only, any species, and must be sfw. For full information on how to order, please go here...