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  1. MrSilverFox

    Closed - Hiring for Graduation Piece - $60-$120 - SFW

    **EDIT: I appreciate all of the responses! 8D I look forward to going through all of the posts made and evaluating who I think would be good to take on the task. I appreciate it all!** This May I will be graduating college and I think it'd be a great idea to drop some money on a full body...
  2. Aqua-Spirit22

    Cute doodles for 5-12€ !

    Hello, I'm Abby and I'm currently offering to draw colored+shaded doodles of your characters! I can draw human, humanoids, dragons, anthro/furry, some animals and other creatures, feel free to ask. I am good with drawing small wounds/blood but I won't be doing NSFW :) I can do up to 2-3...
  3. SunnyBunnyCitrusButt

    SFW and NSFW Commissions

  4. Alkraas

    SFW Feral/Anthro (partial) Commissions

    Hello there. My name is Alkraas and I would like to raise some money for my drivers license. In return, I will offer artworks. ----- Terms Of Service | To Do List | Fur Affinity ----- What I'll draw: Anthros (Busts only), ferals, animals, dragons, fan art (MLP, Pokemon etc.), gore. What I...
  5. southjaw

    Quality Digital Commissions! (Humans, ferals, furs)

    Southrobin's Commissions! (currently full but you can ask if you're willing to wait!) Full info / More samples Contact me on my FA or my deviantart for faster replies! Bumps appreciated, thanks for looking!
  6. BipolarWolfy

    $40 Shaded Feline YCH

    Shaded Style has improved since last priced. Shaded Example is included Finished Example
  7. Eivuiee

    Need anthro practice! (CLOSED!)

    I'm offering to draw some free art on all levels, depending on how much I end up liking what I produce. It can end up being anything from bust sketches to fully shaded full-bodies. Obviously in return, you can't really ask me to do anything specific. Just show me the OC you'd like drawn, and...
  8. xxow

    4 YCH, 6 Slots, Flat-Rate both N & SFW!

    These are all $35, flat-rate (not auctions!), single-buyer-per-slot, and will be finished with shading Recent examples: GA - 13+ - Mature - Adult I price YCH's lower than my standard commission rate, so you're actually getting a big discount when you get a YCH~! I am also totally open for...
  9. Keisharall

    $5 Shaded Headshots

    I am opening up some slots for $5 Shaded Headshots! For this first batch, I'm going to keep it limited to 3 slots, first come, first serve! One character per slot! Can be with or without colored outline. Visit the original post here to check it out in more detail!
  10. Doomslayer-Dragon

    PWYW Commissions

    Because I have about zero idea of what my art is worth Dx I saw that the minimum here was $5 so we'll start there! You can find all my current furry related art (not a lot at all) on my profile! Doomslayer-Dragon (Userpage of doomslayer-dragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I also need to beef up...
  11. pastel-pumpkins

    Pastel-Pumpkins's Commission Thread - Open

    Hey I opened up commissions recently and thought I'd share my price list here too! c: You can find most info about commissions here, but this is my price sheet. You can find more examples of my art on my Tumblr, DA, and FA. if your interested please note me on furaffinity.
  12. Bayru

    **Commissions Open**

    I am now open for drawn commissions! All starting prices are for one character Sketches: $5, each additional character is $3 Inks: $10, each additional character is $5 Flats: $15, each additional character is $8 Shaded: $20, each additional character is $10 More examples can be found in my...
  13. supermint

    Complete Commission Listing and Prices (2016 SALE)

    OPEN - Reopening 2016: Pricedrop on most commission types! Here is where all my currently offered types of commissions are listed. **Please read my commission terms before ordering. Thank you very much for your time. -------- Click on the commission title for more information! Questions? Post...