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  1. Scorch Croco-Derg

    (Commission) Selling: TheScorchingDragon's Art Commissions (SFW & NSFW) (August discounts too)

    I've got my commissions open if anyone's interested here is my price sheet. If anyone is interested note me there Prices are in New Zealand dollars. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/thescorchingdragon/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34822939/ I also have an added option for cell gradient that...
  2. B

    (Commission) Selling: Chomby's Commissions! [Starts at $4!]

    Hey there! Pretty much everything you need to know is on my price sheet! If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to reply to this thread or send me a private message. Oh! If you wish to contact me via my Discord, let me know so I know it's your friend request! I usually don't...
  3. K

    Critique: Seeking constructive criticism for bull-TF artwork in semi-realistic style

    Hi, I am a long-time FA visitor (10 years maybe), a complete learner in art and recently decided to contribute to the community by drawing up something in my mind. While practicing what I learnt in color/lighting/digital painting/anatomy and many techniques, I decided to put some extra work and...
  4. WildKitFox

    Critique: Shading Critique and advice!!!

    Hey everyone! I've been determined to improve my art skills overall, as well as having taken my first steps in the world of digital art. The going has been fairly rough, as my drawings are still very rough. I recently tried shading one of my works, and found myself growing frustrated. I think...
  5. Liseran Thistle

    Sketchbook: Lighting and Shading practice

    Hey, I've decided to share how I'm working on lighting and shading since that's something that I was never really good at. The first image is this one, I didn't have the original file for this because I'm a dumbass and forgot to save, and now all I have is this poorly compressed Jpeg version...
  6. AmiMaj

    (Commission) Selling: [$10-$25+] Digital Art - Sketch|Chibi|Bust|Fullbody//Anthro|Human|Pony//SFW|NSFW

    Let's jump right into examples, hm? Just click on whichever one catches your eye to see the completed piece! c: Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work! I hope I can create something for you that you can be proud of c: Please check out my fA for prices, more examples, and...
  7. Regrese

    (Commission) Selling: Commission Opened: Ranging from 10$ to 300$

    My Commisions are open, and i'm looking to fill the three slots that are available! Here are the Rule. Prices are dependent on the complexity of the project, and will be limited to the category you selected. So if you choose Shaded, and your commission is very complex, it will not go above a...
  8. U

    Hiring: [Closed] Coloring of kemono lineart (20€ - 50€)

    CLOSED I'm looking for someone to color lineart I commisioned, that the original artist doesn't have time to color unfortunetely. Price may wary based on quality I'm willing to pay even more if someone offers something crazy. Its a kemono in bright colors, more colored art already exists so...
  9. shenkkazoo

    (Commission) Selling: Icons and Fullbodies! (SFW, $15+)

    Icons: $15 Fullbodies: $15 (+$5 for shading, per additional character) Rules/Notes: *I don't do NSFW, human faces (I struggle lol) or excessive gore (Plain old blood is fine) *Full payment is due upon approval of the sketch. I don't do refunds after I have sent you the finished piece...
  10. Tallow_Phoenix

    Critique: Trying out shading in vector art!

    So I've pretty much done flat colors up until now, but I've decided to give shading a go in Inkscape for the first time. What do you think? I'm sure there's stuff I'm messing up, so don't be afraid to say so!
  11. ErraticJolteon

    Free Art: Taking Requests For Commission Examples [OPEN]

    I need to create a variety of different examples for my commission profile. I will be doing one for each different kind of commission, and will list what I need below. Getting a request here comes with the knowledge and agreement that the art I make for you will be used on a commission page...
  12. zombiebatpanda

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH ($45 each )

    This is my very first attempt at YCH drawings and I have two Male poses available, custom weapons , clothes and magical abilities may be added as well as a simple background of your choice . Will be colored and have shading to my best ability . I'm in a tight spot financially right now and I...
  13. M

    Critique: Experimenting with style and shading.

    I'm trying to clean up my style a bit and have also started to try shading, which is something I have little experience with. Currently I hand draw and then color a photo copy in GIMP. Mostly looking for critiques. Thanks
  14. snizard

    Paint and shadings

    I want to try different ways to paint and do shadings. Can you tell me something? And you, which is your way? I use paint tool sai
  15. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Art Advice

    I feel like I'm stuck at my current style D: any advice on what I can improve or change? Art for Pru on Amino by me <3
  16. TheArgoNinja

    Commissions are open! (Full body, Chibi, and Icon)

    Hey guys, TheArgoNinja here. I've been lurking on FA for a couple years now not really doing or posting much on there, as I'm much more active over on DA. I figured it'd be a good idea to come to the forums to promote my Commission charts to you all. I have several types of commissions; Full...
  17. Agatheas

    5$ Full Pieces! [0/3]

    Hi there! I'm your average broke student, and I really, really need some cash right now so I thought I'd open commissions! They're 5+$ (5$ is the minimum; tips are immensely appreciated!) For examples, look here: sta.sh: Examples This is about what you can expect! ^^ My Paypal
  18. ProjectDuska

    Please Help With Shading!

    Hello, again! I apologize for double posting, and I really hope this won't be considered spam, but I'm looking for some help with digital shading, particularly to achieve a certain 'atmosphere'. I'm also having trouble making it look 'sharp,' I guess? What brushes should I use? Any tips would be...
  19. Rydenan

    Thoughts/suggestions on this shading scheme? (Warning: skimpy)

    If there's one thing I like to avoid more than drawing hands, it's got to be coloring. I have tried many, many different approaches. Here's my most recent one: Uncensored version: [NSFW] Any thoughts? Too 'blobby'? Feel free to critique the lineart as well if anything looks off. Thanks!
  20. sassywelshgiraffe

    $5-20 USD Digital Commissions~

    Examples and prices can be found on this sheet: (sorry the black text turned out so small! If you need any clarification just ask me) Anyway, you can send any questions or requests to me via PM on here or on FA, or through my art blog: www.tumblr.com/blog/sassywelshgiraffe-art