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  1. RuffTumbling

    Things you love that are totally STUPID?

    ATTENTION: This thread is for expressing our undying love for completely stupid things. Therefor, please do not make too much judgment. So the world has a lot of stupid stuff in it right? However, does that certain thing being stupid also mean it's bad? NO IT DOES NOT!!! This thread is a soap...
  2. C

    Crying cat share thread

    Sharing is caring, let's share some of our Crying cat memes and edits
  3. KittenCozy

    Favorite Cookies!

    I like chocolate chip cookies as much as the next person, but it's good to be reminded of all the other flavors out there. I personally love a good snickerdoodle, but we shouldn't neglect maple brown sugar.... ; ) What flavors does anyone else like?