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  1. Randalieren

    hot shark dad (repost) | comm

    aaaaaa so I wanted to start on NSFW/Pinup commissions and my first customer for it was my friend, Hatred on furry amino im so proud of thisssss Also, reposted bc the image link broke
  2. PercyD

    {Closed 1-26 thru 2-2} Flat 40 YCH! [Body Diversity][Exotic Species Marine & Reptilian]

    Hello! I'm shutting down the shop for the next week. You can find out why here: www.furaffinity.net: {Closed} Special Resting Day: Fathers B-Day &100 Submissions -- PercyD's Journal TL;DR: I'm honoring my late father's b-day this week. Plus I've got some grants due on the 1st to crank out! Any...
  3. Piratefoxbox

    Shark Pirate Art! Show me your Pirates!

    This is a character I made for my portfolio both FA and other places. this is My pirate Shark girl Danny SharkBomb :D Yarg! Show me your Pirates characters! :D
  4. squeakshka

    Goat-Shark Adopts (OPEN!)

    Finally sat down to try my hand at furries and adopts once more, and this was the result! Goat-sharks x: as strange as it is, I think they came out really cute! Oh - and one Goat-Koi :3c. Buyer Receives - High resolution cropped version of their adopt. - Lower resolution cropped and signed...
  5. DNP101


    - DNP101 is Open for Commissions - Sketches - Linework - Full Renders - Reference Sheets - *insert specification here* - Commission Slots - Terms of Service - Drawing Limitations - Prices - - Current Sale (June 11th, 2018) - - Contact Furaffintiy: DNP101 Discord: DarkNeedle101#1915 Email...
  6. teaesthetic

    Sharky and Centaur Adopt

    *18+ Buyers only due to NSFW parts *Unwatermarked and uncensored ref will be sent to buyer *Payment must be sent within 24 hrs *If paying by e-check, files will be sent after it clears *Holds are done if 100% sure of buying ------------ Centaur Hybrid-15$ Sharky Adopt-15$ Sharky Adopt-20$...
  7. silkymink

    [OPEN] Adopt Auction - Shark Mermaid

    This auction is happening on FA here and on DA here Starting Bid: $25 Minimum Increase: $5 Autobuy: $80 Upon winning, you will receive a high resolution PNG of the character and 10% off future commissions of the character. $100 Autobuy package- In addition to the original PNG of the...
  8. roido


    www.furaffinity.net: SHARK ADOPT (OPEN) by roido-adopts 10$ shark adopt! all original art :>
  9. Open_Mind

    Seeking Shark Artists!

    I'm looking to commission a Shark fursona for my son as a birthday gift! :D $100 max, full color, full body. This will be his very first art, so we do not have a reference sheet. Prefer to have it completed before his birthday on May 2nd. I have a PayPal account and can be contacted via Forum...
  10. Zypter

    Zypter's stuff

    Hi there people, random dude Zypter here, I'd like to share some of my art with you guys. Also, if you can see some obvious mistakes, please point them out so I can avoid them in the future. Hope you like it. :D
  11. S

    Adopts (Draco-Sharks, Cobra-Girls & Chemikins)

    Draco-Sharks: Draco-Sharks have been reduced from 15$ to 10$, there are 9 of them left, and I do take custom color orders on them. Chemikins: The closed species owned and created by STI and myself, are still available for 25$, custom color palletes of course. Comes unshaded with a color...
  12. SwampPossum

    WTT feline resin blank

    Wanting to trade this resin feline mask that comes with blank acrylic eyes for a finished sergal or shark base. Foam or resin doesn't matter to me long as it's ready to fur. Thanks!
  13. EzriArt

    A Shark Says CHOMP - I mean, Hello!

    Hello to all of you fine people! I am Serge, I have actually been on FA for a long time, on and off for a while. I've had other aliases, known as: WinterSin, SkyfireXI, ElectricSerge, BlueSharkess, and AstralDreemurr. I've finally decided on a name and am sticking with it because I'm tired...
  14. EzriArt

    Characters/Adopts for Sale! & Taking 5 $20 Chibis!

    Hello guys, Just posting here to share that I have some character designs for sale that I'm not really wanting to hang on to. Most I'm willing to accept offers on, and maybe will do deals if you purchase multiple. You can find all of them in my dropbox here; Dropbox - Actually For Sale...
  15. Triceracops

    Adopt Auction: NSFW Shark Girl Design (OPEN)

    Click here (can't post NSFW thumbs)
  16. C


    Who's excited for Shark Week 2017?! Have you guys seen the new ad for it? It's so funny!
  17. VenusFlower


    Click here! (Warning: Characters are nude)
  18. TailsandScales

    M/M NSFW RP?

    I'm 110% new here and don't have telegram or discord like basically everyone else does, but I do have Kik and an email! And I'm looking for (preferably a dom/top) to do a longterm, m/m RP with plot but also some NSFW fun! I'm looking for literate & creative partners! If you're not up for NSFW...
  19. R

    Any shark artists? Please help.

    Hello! I am new to this world and need some help making my fursona. My favourite animal is the blacktip shark so I imagine my fursona as a shark. I think I need some help making art of it by a shark (or just very good) artist. I have no money to give you but I would really appreciate if someone...
  20. H

    First Fursona Introduction/Art Request

    Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to this whole furry thingy so...Hi again you can call me Hux and im 19 years old, I'm looking for someone to draw my avatar/fursona/something like that (again new to this fandom and still lerning new thing). So about my fursona, he's a gray shark, with a long(ish?)...