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  1. Allocen


    Hello! I'm new here and wanna show you all my new adopt Shark anthro character > AUCTION OPEN! FA Link here: www.furaffinity.net: [AUCTION - OPEN] Shark Anthro Character by RavenAllocen Thank you!
  2. satana25

    Show us your SHARK FURSONA

    This thread was created to find the guys who have sharksona(s) or the ones who like furry sharks c: you can post here the pictures of your oc, their bio, pets, stories
  3. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Been a passive observer of the community (not this forum specifically but in general) for over a decade now. And finally getting deeper and more personal into this very interesting subculture! Hope I can give back to one of the most welcoming communities on the internet with my writing and art...
  4. haymakers

    Wholesome drawings $5 - $20

    Hey there prospective client! I need an eye exam, a prescription, and glasses so my goal is to make at least $60 (I have no idea what kind of hidden fees they'll tack on at the end if my eyes are real messed up so this is a rough estimate). I draw primarily using GIMP and other free art...
  5. PercyD

    {Closed 1-26 thru 2-2} Flat 40 YCH! [Body Diversity][Exotic Species Marine & Reptilian]

    Hello! I'm shutting down the shop for the next week. You can find out why here: www.furaffinity.net: {Closed} Special Resting Day: Fathers B-Day &100 Submissions -- PercyD's Journal TL;DR: I'm honoring my late father's b-day this week. Plus I've got some grants due on the 1st to crank out! Any...
  6. Piratefoxbox

    Shark Pirate Art! Show me your Pirates!

    This is a character I made for my portfolio both FA and other places. this is My pirate Shark girl Danny SharkBomb :D Yarg! Show me your Pirates characters! :D
  7. R

    Any shark artists? Please help.

    Hello! I am new to this world and need some help making my fursona. My favourite animal is the blacktip shark so I imagine my fursona as a shark. I think I need some help making art of it by a shark (or just very good) artist. I have no money to give you but I would really appreciate if someone...
  8. shapeless0ne

    an scale request ^.=.^

    Hello furry artists I'm pretty new to the fandom and I don't have a ref sheet or any pictures of them, yet for ether of my scalesonas dragon and shark. As you can imagine it pretty confusing to explain what he looks like in words. But I'm not good enough to really draw them correctly, could...