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  1. Idris21

    Hi guys! Cheap Commissions Offered Here!

    Hiya everyone! ^.=.^ I have some commission slots available for people who want artwork! I specialize in colourful, happy and cute stuff as well as paws and macros and micros! I'm an amateur when it comes to shading but I still do it! And I also do weekly ychs too! Here's my info...
  2. Yarik

    Reference Sheets & Scenes (Open)

    Hello all! I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!) You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab. If you're using...
  3. Ronnoc_the_Owl

    Spare Money For Char. Ref. Sheet, $20 minimum, $60 max (Closed)

    I'm looking for an artist that can do a character reference sheet for me. I've had this character idea for about a year now and I'd like to have a reference sheet for it. I'm willing to spend at least $20 and at most, $60. I can be contacted here Userpage of ronnoctheowl -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  4. TheKanya

    $5 Sketches, and More

    Trying to raise $200 So I'll be doing $5 character sketches Ex: www.furaffinity.net: Sophie & Badermon by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: D Character Development by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Couple Sketch 2 by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Rice and Pork by TheKanya www.furaffinity.net: Corgi...
  5. E

    I really need someone to do a ref sheet for me, i will pay!

    :)Hello, I really need to make a new sona and i need someone to help me with it. I suck at art and it would be really great if one of you friendly people will help me out a little. Thanks! :)