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shiba inu

  1. Disotter

    (Commission) Selling: Cute Chibi Sona Commissions! (3 slots available)

    Hi there! I'm Disotter, your local clumsy otter >///< I have 3 slots available for chibi commissions of your sona! <3 (or any other character you'd like me to draw) Here are some examples of what I'm offering: Price range starting at $50 for full body full color <3 (Payments via PayPal...
  2. rainsku

    Hiring: Need Help With Character Design

    Hello! So lately I have been looking for someone to help me out with a design for my fursona. Her current design (by myself) can be found here: www.deviantart.com: Hana | Fursona Reference 2019 Requirements/Ideas: I'd like her species to stay relatively recognizable as a Shiba Inu. My general...
  3. planetaryrings

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 Critter Adopts 6/6 Open! Customs Available

    Hey howdy hey I’m back at it again! Want to advertise these little guys I made! 1 OPEN 2 OPEN 3 OPEN 4 OPEN 5 OPEN 6 OPEN They can be anthro or feral if you adopt them, it’s all Gucci to me each is 15$ first come first serve once purchased, I will give you the transparent full file of...
  4. Smilescream

    $20 Chibi Anime Detailed Anthro/Feral Commish Open

    1 for $20 *Slots Open:// 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ((10 total slots atm, first time commissioning check back often ;c)) How it works:// 1) Message me on DA (Tundrakay on DeviantArt) or FA ( Userpage of SmilesCream -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) letting me know you're interested. I will need...
  5. mixpomdog

    Do you like Shiba Inu puppies?

    Hello!I have a character that is a Shiba Inu!Sadly I only have a written description but once I get a few pieces of art I might change this. His name is Luke.He is male.He is 10 weeks old and has a darker pallet like this babe.And the designs are similar to this babe He has a bit of hair...
  6. Smilescream

    Z's $25 Colorful Badges

    Options: #1 ($25) More Toony (would include chest filled out, was WIP) #2 ($25) Less Toony #3 ($50) Fully-Rendered *Slots Open:// 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ((10 total slots. Only 4 Slots Open for Fully-Rendered, Option 3)) *I'm considering opening more slots, depends on how long it...
  7. haniibee

    Shibe Adopts { 2/2 open } ~~

    i wanted to shiba adopts for the longest so !! please comment or send me a note if you'd like to adopt! TOS ♡ Paypal only - no refunds. ♡ Please give credit when posting to other sites. ♡ Please put a watermark of some kind when posting to prevent stealing. ♡ If sold or given, I'd love to be...