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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel


    This year marks a huge double Anniversary 4 both of these graceful ladies! The Ship in the top photo sank 110 years ago, April 15! The Ship in the bottom photo sank 25 years ago, Dec 17! A Toast 2 the Grandest Ships in the World!
  2. Yakamaru

    Hiring: ($150+) (CLOSED) Steampunk Flying Dutchman/Renaissance Frigate

    Hello. I am currently looking for someone to do an atmospheric Steampunk flying ship/Frigate themed art piece, preferably a wider piece so we can see the battle raging(although possibly a bit blurry due to being out of focus) behind the character as well with several flying ships between...
  3. T

    Ship the person above you with a fictional character!

    Title is self explanitory. Ship the person above you with any fictional character, just for fun!
  4. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: In need of ship art!

    Hey all! I'm in need of some ship art! Beach setting, doesn't matter the pose! It's of these two.
  5. FunkerFox

    Anybody active in the U.S. Navy ?

    Looking to see how many shipmates I have on here active, retired, or no longer in.
  6. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    Looking for Trades / Fanart / Ship Art of my scalesona, Patch Artwork Gallery for Patchclaws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net They're pan and single so if you wanna draw your sona / oc with them that'd be really cool!? I have an open collab too www.furaffinity.net: Open Collab by Patchclaws - I'm...
  7. CelestialTear

    Free Art When Shipping!

    [Closed!] Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a bit more notice to another post I had. I'm getting down to the wire and I really wish to ship my chara with someone else. We can ship them as a couple or they could be my sona's pet. I have some art ordered right now but I still havent found someone...
  8. CelestialTear

    ISO: Pet or Mate for Citi!

    [Closed!] Hello everyone! I'm so excited to say that Citi is ready to find a counterpart. Whether it is as a pet or a mate! He is hoping to find someone he can enjoy time with and have the company of. What I am looking for; - I am looking for someone who wants to form a friendship out of...
  9. lemonlunch

    I ship birbs

    Birb shipping schedule: 7/16 falco x crow boi 7/18-19 Revali x Parrot Dad 7/20 --- Up for suggestion