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  1. waterm3lonfox

    (Other) Selling: In Space No One Can Hear You OwO - TShirt - $35AUD

    OwO In Spaaaaace Get it on a shirt! $35aud+shipping Art by me In Space No One Can Hear You OwO | One True Artistry
  2. CertifiedCervine

    Tacoma’s T-shirt Tutorial!

    Did you know it’s possible to make T-shirt’s from home? Like this? It certainly is! A very neat thing to do I’ve learned! I’ll take you through the steps! —— Supplies needed: Blank Cotton T-shirt, Paint(screen printer ink recommended!!!), Freezer paper (1 wax sided) Exactoknife (recommended) or...
  3. Behemoth89

    My art/Make friend

    I'm new artist at here. This is new art of mine. I hope that YOU like her and I wanna make friend with people at here. THANK FOR READING!! YOU can visit my FA to see un-watermark version and arts more than : Artwork Gallery for behemoth89 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net