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  1. reptile logic

    Secundus preparing Master's morning ensemble.

    I'm a writer, not a visual artist. Still, I wanted to share this with you. This is the first commissioned artwork related to the stories. Many thanks to DarznWolfe for the beautiful portrait. In this dystopian world, where the wealthy can buy life itself, others must pay the price for their...
  2. Corran Orreaux

    Critique: An attempt at writing Star wars (Currently untitled)

    Hey! Well, I've had... so many ideas for a star wars story series thing and I think I'm finally aligning something I'm confident in! I guess consider this small bit to be a prologue. Could you tell me what you think? Thanks. -- Night no longer existed, not on Urdin. Day was marked by...
  3. CardielYFiccion

    [Book] "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio"

    Hi everyone! I just want to share with you my new book titled "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio", is a short novel of comedy, drama and science fiction. Also, I have a site where I have uploaded lots of furry stories and sagas (spanish), you might want to check it out as well. Have a nice day...
  4. Sparks-Litepaw

    Horror Short Stories

    Hi there. Looking to write some horror shorts, and looking at perhaps doing a few trades! I was planning them to be about 1000 words minimum. I have a few scenarios that i'd write but you can suggest/request some if you wish. Basically, i'd like to have your characters involved. It allows me...