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  1. FluffyShutterbug

    Loaf Appreciation Thread!

    Surely I can't be the only one who thinks that when animals go into the loaf position, it's the most adorable thing ever!
  2. N

    I AM the Present [Christmas YCH]

    Dunno what to give your friend for Christmas? Why not wrap yourself and become the present? I made this as a joke originally but I decided to make it a YCH for people to have their OCs all wrapped up for Christmas. :3 this YCH is $5-$10 depending on the complexity of the character and any...
  3. Ravofox

    Species most prone to jazz hands

    Hey everyfur! So, we've had the naughtiest species. We've had the most innocent species. But, we've so far neglected the most important of all...what is the species with the worst case of jazz hands?!:p This is a serious epidemic throughout the animal kingdom, but some species are more...
  4. K1ND

    Dragon Art! Cheap Cute head doodles & Large Pixel Dergs!

    Rules ♥ Please be nice! Payment in USD via paypal upfront (after I accept your request) No nsfw at this time This thread is for dragon art only! Bulk orders are okay! I can give u a version w/o a signature but please credit me ♥ Only use my art if you paid for it thanks ♥ Feel free to shoot...
  5. Le Chat Nécro

    What's your Sparkle-sona?

    Sparkledogs. Mary-Sues. Edgelords and Cringe Characters. We all know about them. We all love to hate them. And we've all probably had one at one point or another. So, I say let's embrace our bad decisions, dig deep into our teenage angst phases, and share our Sparkle-sona's with each other...
  6. Le Chat Nécro

    Furst World Problems

    Was talking with a friend today about some writing I'm doing in a furry setting and lamenting that I kept forgetting not to use "humans" as the catch-all for people living in the world. Had to find other things like "earthlings" or "mortals" and constantly go back to check myself. When you have...
  7. M

    Bad Synonyms

    The idea of this games is to start with a word, and the next poster will find a synonym for that word. However, you need to find a synonym that does not relate to the word before the last poster. It should look like this: happy -> elated -> animated -> active, and so on. Find a synonym for: kind.
  8. Le Chat Nécro

    The User Above You is a Magical Girl

    What is their Magical Girl Name, transformation/catch phrase and finishing move? (eg. Sailor Moon, "moon prism power, makeup!" or "in the name of the moon, I will punish you!", and throwing her tiara at bad guys like a frisbee. Or, if you're a fan of Miraculous Lady Bug, Chat Noir, "claws...
  9. zenmaldita

    The Jelly Bath [Open Lounge RP]

    Several giant Jelly tubs have appeared in a dessert oasis. The sun is so hot you best cool off! Flavors you can see so far: Strawberry Banana Blueberry Watermelon Mango Feel free to explore and discover more flavors! EXTRA CHALLENGE keep your hanky panky PG13 or the Giant Gummy Worm will...
  10. C

    stoner dog gets more than he bargained for [mafia/gang rp]

    so i got this idea of volta, my sona, being a regular guy. kind of a stoner but keeps to himself mostly, got a regular dayjob and all of that. but he bumps into someone, could be a guy or a lady that finds him cute and enjoyable and he gets swept up in some crazy stuff after that. because this...
  11. E

    New Years Eve Plans?

    Anyone got any fun NYE plans? Are you planning on going to NY to watch the ball drop? Getting plastered with friends? Just staying home and eventually falling asleep on the couch as you watch Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve? Ritual blood sacrifice to the elder gods? I'll be going out to...
  12. Ravofox

    The user above you just started a war, how?

    Some wars are caused by really stupid things. What were these furs' catastrophic blunders?
  13. E

    How impractical is too impractical?

    I keep being drawn to really impractical design choices in characters, like a bat with lace wings or a goat with horns to her ankles. I like the drama of that kind of thing, but it definitely values form over function. When you design fursonas and ocs, do you focus more on utility or...
  14. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Doodles are Art, Too. :)

    Feast your eyes on... my... catctus.
  15. P

    Cards Against Humanity Card Suggestions.

    Let's have some silly fun. Post what cards you would like to see in a furry related expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity down below. Remember to specify whether it's a question (black) or an answer (white) card. Add as many responses as you want. I want to see some creativity that will make...