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  1. Tera Noctem

    Request: Kobold Art

    I recently got to start a D&D campaign as a Kobold hatchling, she was built after reading comics done by Userpage of Rakkuguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm not the best artist but I did some art of my little girl for the campaign. www.furaffinity.net: Rokra - Kobold Ranger by AsamiKuro I was...
  2. WereWOLFovna

    Bracelets and rings from silver (from 100 $)

    Hello! I bring to your attention metal wares. We work with such metal as silver and gold, the insert of stones for an additional fee is possible. We work both on our ready template, and according to your sketch: You can select any inscription and the simple image. The product is made under your...
  3. Silver Wind34

    Looking to commission fursuit

    Hello all! I'm looking at getting a suit commissioned either a full or partial of my fursona Silver Wind. He is a blue and silver fox with a few markings on him. I will post his ref sheet here for everybody. I'm looking for under $850 for a partial or under $1700 for a Full. This will be my...
  4. Silver Wind34

    Anybody going to MCFC?

    Hello all! I'm just wondering if any of you guys have planned far enough ahead for MCFC. I will be going and I'm hosting a hotel room which is full already. But I'd love it if you guys stopped by I plan on hosting a few room parties.
  5. DravenDonovan

    Help with New Fursona Design; $50 budget (closed)

    Hi, to start off I'd like to mention that I have been struggling on figuring out a Fursona for a number of years now. I finally believe I've discovered one, but I don't have any art of him, nor am I really all that good at drawing, especially Cat's, so I'd like to eventually hire someone to...