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site issues

  1. S

    Latest Update Partially Broke BB header codes

    Okay, I Don’t usually come to complain and frankly I’ve not needed to opt in creating a forum account before, but since this problem cropped up i felt like I had no choice because i doubt FA are gonna listen to me on Twitter.; When I upload art, for descriptions when using bold ain’t enough I...
  2. E

    Main Site 3D tag Search gives null

    "There are no search results for your query." We would appreciate for responsible personnel to look into it :' )
  3. Stavinair

    NSFW viewing issues

    At this point I am at a loss. Whenever I try to view nsfw stuff on the main page it signs me out and I get this: "This submission contains Mature or Adult content. To view this submission you must log in and enable the Mature or Adult content via Account Settings." So I signed back in, didn't...
  4. ZoruaAdventures

    Modern mode missing features?

    I changed over to modern layout for a few days and had to change back, i was wondering if it was purposely or accidentally missing features, there is no mini gallery like in classic to see posts in order they where posted like in classic, i like i can see random pics from them but i cant view...
  5. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Forum Still seeing when a user who has me blocked posts.

    A few users have me blocked for one reason or another, and when they post in a thread I'm seeing the fact they posted show up on my end. I can't see the post, but it is appearing with the top bar for their post. After I've viewed the thread, it goes away. Not a huge issue for me, but a little...
  6. Alrazvick

    Organizing Favorites.

    The only thing that I don’t like about Furaffinity is the inability to organize Favorites so that they are a lot easier to find. On DeviantArt you are able to do just that by creating folders and placing pics there. I would like to have something like that added to the site if it isn’t too much...
  7. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Forum Site Connection Issues May 2019

    I've noticed the site keeps cutting out now and again recently. Anyone else noticing this issue?
  8. ReeseCapeesh

    Art I upload is bigger than screen when fullsize :/

    so yeah... a lot of my stuff i upload, i want it to stay high quality when i look at it on the site, but not completely blown up! How can i shrink its viewing size, yet not shrink the actual image where i lose quality?? The thumbnail is tiny, but the "full size" is GIGANTIC!! why..??
  9. P

    Error 524 when uploading images

    So i'm trying to upload some new images I've got commissioned and it's giving me Error 524 back as a result and nothing new has been uploaded to my account. the image has been edited to hide the tabs i have online. Any help to fix this would be appreciated! EDIT so a little while after...
  10. Wolvinof

    Login Not Being Consistent Or Working

    Very recently, the main site's been acting up about whether I'm logged in or not. On some pages, I'm logged in like usual, but on others, I'm just logged out. Weird thing is, it's very specific pages. For instance, I could go to someone's main userpage and be logged off, but then I type in the...