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  1. B

    gifs don't work

    It seems that when posting an animation, gif, etc, it doesn't work! The animation doesn't move, it stays still in png format, even if I post it in GIF format,bug found after updating Fur Affinity
  2. R

    Main Site Russia is banned?

    No politics, but many russian IPs can't reach for FA main site. Forum is still available. Main question, are Russia banned or something? (Few friends still can normally open the site, while others can't) I think something is wrong... I'm very sorry if i posted this thread to the incorrect...
  3. lustymouse

    Main Site Confused on how and what to post

    Hey everyone, I'm going to lay down my derpiness right off the bat and express that I'm absolutely dumb on how the main site works. Been a member for some years but never posted much outside of what I've drawn here and there - however this lands me into this new territory as follows: 1. What...
  4. SolDirix

    Pay respects to the sad Opossum on the site's top banner

  5. Z

    How to block tags?

    Hello, im new here. I dont like some tags and i can't find tag blacklist option. It might be in setting but i can't find it. Is it possible and where i can find it? My english is bad sry(
  6. MasterDaye

    The Fabulous Art of 'Folk of Lore'

    So, have any of you guys heard of virtual pet sites? No joke, but I'm actually glad I caught it while it's still in the works, because it seriously has the potential to be pretty damn good, maybe even better than Furvilla! But I digress.. So what exactly is Folk of Lore? Well...
  7. Swift12

    Main Site User Name change option?

    How about finally adding this feature to Furaffinity itself, as in the art site? I have wanted to change it for ages but all I have been told is that I'd need to make a new account (and lose all the views and watches and favs accumulated since 2006, so no thanks). Are we any closer to this...
  8. dogryme6

    Weird glitch

    That's a weird glitch. Every time I enter a new page / reload a page on FurAffinity, this... User page overlay... Pops in and zooms off to the upper right out of view. It's kind of jarring. I don't think this should be happening. And on the old format for a split second I can see one of those...
  9. B

    User Favorites

    About Favorites on site, I guess that will be interesting if have some way to search or a kind of filter. We have the example of DeviantArt, were user creates directories for your favorites.
  10. still_human1020

    Pounced down, what's left?

    i wasn't even aware of the entire awful, evil bullshit law that's causing so many dating sites to be shut down until it was too late to even get my messages again(I'm not even out of the loop, I thought! I get swamped with all kindsa petitions, and emails about current legal nonsense going on...
  11. M

    Is the forums site broken for anyone else?

    For some reason, the site doesn't load properly. Usually you get the normal forums sit, bkue background, everything organised and functioning properly, etc. Though however, now it is just pure HTML, only black and blue text on a white background. I can still navigate the forums and the usual but...
  12. Rydenan

    Why doesn't this site use HSTS?

    HTTP Strict Transport Security is a basic precaution, without which it would be trivially easy to steal user information from this site. What's more, the Google result for "FA Forums" directs to the HTTP site. Without HSTS, anyone who then logs in without manually switching over to the HTTPS...
  13. Zecane

    i have a stupid question.

    how on earth do you make your profile on FA look all... nice! like changing colors and making them rainbow, and showing icons and such. i'm at a total loss as to where to start looking, so could someone help me?? :'3 i offer cuddles and friendship in return. (and maybe cookies OwO)
  14. Ninapaw

    Quick stupid question about the site, I'm new

    So hello! I just started Furaffinity like a month ago, wasn't going to introduce myself again but I really need a quick help using the site, not sure wherelse to ask, anywhere in the foruns says I can't post without the privilege or something, anyway, the thing is I found some really nice people...
  15. T

    Is this site dead?

    Hello, my name is TheRocketCat and I just joined a few moments ago ^-^ Just wondering, is this site dead, and how often do people post stuff here? Thanks :D
  16. Cestrum

    Other Furry Art Sites?

    Do you post artwork on sites other than FurAffinity? Which ones would you suggest? I've taken a peek at Furry Network and Furrific, and on the surface they seem pretty nice...
  17. I

    Bug/Site Problem: Mobile beta site: Browse and Search pages not functioning

    Note: This problem doesn't affect the classic layout. While in the browse page, the options to choose a category, type, species and gender don't appear. Scrolling to the left and right doesn't seem to fix anything, and I haven't figured out a way to get it to show up. The search page also has...
  18. Dallas

    Bug/Site Problem: Issue Searching For New Content

    Ever since the database maintenance, when I search for anything and sort it by date there are absolutely no new submissions. I like to see what new cat related things have been posted every now and then so I'll search for cat and sort by date, however the first result was uploaded two days ago...
  19. MoonlightSpring

    Site Navigating Advice

    Any suggestions/tips/tricks/advice to navigating this website? i.e., looking at submissions, but sort by popularity (without specifying a species) Forgive me if this has already been discussed (which I'm sure it has). Maybe this could be a thread dedicated to different ways and techniques...
  20. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Need a bit of a text color enhancing.

    The other themes are very choppy and the one I'm currently using on FAF is "retro" in "beta". It's the neatest of the available themes, in my opinion. The problem is, in the commissions area, the dark green font is difficult to see. I have to highlight it just so I can read it clearly, even on...