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  1. J

    Sketchbook: Jaynie's sketches and ideas

    Я только недавно начал пользоваться этим сайтом. И мне все еще немного неудобно выставлять эскизы или не слишком подробные работы в своей галерее. Поэтому я создам эту тему. Я также хотел бы опубликовать здесь свои мысли и идеи. Я буду рад быть активным :)
  2. DreadfulCanine

    Sketchbook: The Canine Art Book

    A place to drop all my doodles and WIPs and whatnot :3 I do feral, anthro and human(oid) art, and this year I've been slowly dipping my feet on doing backgrounds :D
  3. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Sketch of my OCs together, anyone?

    Left to Right: Russell (Bear), Trip (Fox), Amber (Rabbit), Maggie (Lamb), and Kara (Squirrel) Would anyone be willing to do a sketch of all 5 of them posing together? I would take care of the lining, coloring and shading, I just need a sketch in order to do it. I would put the final product on...
  4. Glitter_Daddy

    (WIP) Goblin girl finding new pet. What do you guys think?

  5. sherry_p0p

    I'm a Neofurry!

    Also, I'm starting at digital art and Furryart! I have done some reference sheets for my fursona, but I want to draw more sonas, and to have some friends in here. I´ve been at Amino apps but I just can't relate with anyone by far :( I want to keep getting better and do some commissions in time...
  6. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SFW & NSFW Sketches (Color and B&W)

    Hello all! I finally have time to sit down and open some commissions slots! These are for sketch commissions! Details: Paypal payment only, will begin on sketch when payment clears Any fetish, no limits. All adult, BDSM, fetish ect welcome NSFW or SFW apply Any body type other than overly...
  7. extraproblems

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Sketch Commissions (NSFW etc)

    Here is my public body of work! I am looking to do sketch commissions starting around 20 USD. I'm welcoming to any subject matter but I work best with live things (not great at cars, robots) If you're interested send me a note on furaffinity! Here are some more details on pricing and what I'm...
  8. polared

    ✨polars flat color commissions! [5/5 slots open]

    ✨POLAR'S FLAT COMMISSIONS✨ ✨WILLING TO DRAW✨ humans furries scalies anthros etc. ✨TOS✨ 1) i am willing to draw nudity; however, anything depicting anything super sexual is a no. (i do ask that the commissioner be at least 18 if asking for anything involving nudity) 2) i am willing to draw all...
  9. Ringebell

    Free Art: Your characters with mine (NSFW)

    I want to sketch some NSFW stuff, so here we are. I had a similar thread some while ago and if you got art there please do not reply here. Rules: - give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link - if you want to attach an image, put it in spoilers for my organization please - may...
  10. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Emergency Sale! $15 Traditional Drawings

    Hey there, I'm offering $15 Traditional Sketch Commissions for a very limited time! Starting today and ending on 11/16 Here's a list of the type of drawings I'll do and some stipulations I'll do SFW and NSFW I will add some color to simple designs, more complex ones will be black and white...
  11. corpsdoll

    (Commission) Selling: Sketchy Kofi Icons! (Flat Colored)

    Hi guys! I'm so glad the forums are back! To start off my return, I'm offering some sketchy icons (that are flat colored!) for only 1 kofi each! I prefer to do females, however I could try femboys! Here are some examples: So yeah those are the two types I do! (●´ω`●) Do comment or DM...
  12. Vandclash

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are now Open! ~Starting at 15 dollars~

    My ToS: docs.google.com: Vandclash Commissions Term of Services
  13. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: $10 PORTRAIT SKETCHES

    I'm opening a new commission option available for a while. I've cut my work hours down in an attempt to protect myself from the virus and naturally my paycheck is cut down. If you're able to help, great. If not, it would be appreciated if you could share around! Please DM me if you are interested
  14. Alien8_ed

    (Commission) Selling: $7+|| Experimental NSFW Sketch Commissions

    Paypal only please. All prices in USD. If reposting please link back to my page. Do not use for commercial use. ART EXAMPLE CLICK HERE Prices start from $7 for anything waist up. Fullbodies like the example start from $10 I will draw: Humans Humanoids Furries/Anthros Explict scenes I will...
  15. OvineTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Nugget's Art Shop ($10 - $100) [Anthro/Feral/SFW]

    I'm off hiatus, so comms are open again! You can see my prices on my website (linked below), they range from as little as $10 to over $100 depending on what you order. I'm willing to draw both SFW and NSFW content (including fetish content, with some exceptions), although I specialize in...
  16. matraki

    (Commission) Selling: $5 Sketches (Urgent)

    hi!! so im doing quick $5 sketches of your fursonas! they can be suggestive :) i also do ponies if you want that, but all the info is here; www.furaffinity.net: Explecit/Suggestive Sketch Commissions ($5) by matraki thank you!!
  17. RangerReb

    Just did this fursona request for someone, and I’m pretty proud of it.

    As the title states, I have a request I just completed that I’m pretty proud of. You can see the piece and description here, but I’ll post some images to show my process from start to finish: www.furaffinity.net: Blitz-Fursona Request by RangerReb First, I started with a headshot: Then I did...
  18. maximum124

    (Commission) Selling: Maximum's 2D Art, 3D Models, Animations and more! ($15-$300+)

    Full 1 - Full 2 Full 1 - Full 2 My email is maximumchaostheory124@gmail.com, you can visit my portfolio, or DeviantArt for more examples of my art. I will draw NSFW, gore, and simple mecha.
  19. kevintheradioguy

    Hiring: nsfw [sketch-] artists who are okay with humanoid creatures and some weird sh*t? [5 to 500 usd]

    I feel quite uncomfortable looking for such commissions, but I have had a weird idea in my head that I cannot get out, and would like to commission. I don't usually aim to get adult art, and feel quite uneasy and frankly ashamed describing it publicly, so I'd much rather PM you any details. Am...
  20. MissNook

    Free Art: Have a sketch (Closed)

    Hello! I'm working on a personal project at the moment but I want to keep doodling. I just need some ideas ^^ Keep them SFW please :) If you can give me a pose/situation for the character, that would be helpful too! You can send: an OC: written description or references a character you like...